Truk Lagoon Wreck Map (Where the Wrecks Are For Scuba Diving)

Truk Lagoon wreck map - Chuuk wrecks large

Truk Lagoon map of the wrecks and their positions in relation to the Chuuk Islands

If you’re about to embark on the wreck diving trip of a life time to Chuuk Lagoon (formerly Truk Lagoon), you may wish to know where the wrecks are located. The above Truk Lagoon wreck map shows the rough positions of many of the more popular wrecks.

Truk Lagoon wrecks listed on the map

Truk Lagoon Wrecks - The Deepest Biggest & Most Popular Wrecks

Truk Lagoon Wreck Map

The above Truk Lagoon wreck map is a bit busy. This is unavoidable simply because there are so many wrecks in Truk Lagoon. The number of wrecks in such close proximity is why this Mecca for wreck diving is so popular with wreck divers.

The Truk Lagoon wrecks are mostly concentrated around Fefen, Urman and Tonoas (Dublon) Islands of Chuuk. Despite the close proximity to the Islands and the fact that these wrecks are in a lagoon, the majority of them are deep wrecks (where deep is greater than 30 metres (100 feet). To discover how deep these wrecks are, please read this article, which includes a handy wreck depth table.

Many of the deeper wrecks of Truk Lagoon are 40 plus, 50 plus and even 60 plus metres deep. For more details about these, please take a read of this article about Truk Lagoon deep wrecks.

There’s no place in the world where there are so many great wrecks all in one place and situated in such close proximity to each other. You are simply spoilt for choice.

Find out here which Truk Lagoon wrecks have human remains or even here for Chuuk Lagoon skeletons.

Truk Lagoon diving liveaboard - Is the cost of a liveaboard necessary for Chuuk

Land-based resort vs liveaboard boat

The location of the two land-based resorts and dive shops are also marked on the above Truk Lagoon map. These are both on Moen Island. To get to Moen Island you fly into Chuuk airport.

However, if you’re considering a liveaboard trip to Truk Lagoon, you will still fly into Chuuk Airport, but then you’ll be transferred from Moen Island to your chosen liveaboard boat.

More Reading: How long should you wait to fly after diving? (What’s safe?)

How to get to Truk Lagoon and Chuuk Airport is quite a challenge and requires a few connecting flights. This is especially true if you’re flying from far afield like the UK, US and Canada. But the trip is worthwhile and a bucket-list destination for scuba divers.

Learning more about what happened, this article explains a bit more about the history of Truk Lagoon during World War II: What happened at Truk Lagoon.

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Truk Lagoon Wreck Map (Where the Wrecks Are For Scuba Diving)

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