Scuba Dive The Nippo Maru Wreck Of Truk Lagoon (Details Of Truk Lagoon Wrecks)

Truk Lagoon wreck Nippo Maru was a heavily laden ship large

Nippo Maru was a heavily laden cargo ship sunk during Operation Hailstone

This short article about Nippo Maru wreck provides a few basic details about this Japanese World War II ship. The Nippo Maru is one of the many Truk Lagoon wrecks for scuba divers to enjoy in Chuuk Lagoon (formerly Truk Lagoon).

Scuba dive the Nippo Maru of Truk Lagoon: Scuba dive the Nippo Maru wreck of Truk Lagoon at a depth of 18-40 metres (60-180 feet). This wreck is one of the most popular Truk Lagoon wrecks with recreational divers as it has plenty of World War II artefacts to find. These including a battle tank, field guns and gas masks.

Truk Lagoon is the name these Pacific lagoons and islands were known as in 1944 when they were in Japanese occupation. However, the name of Truk Lagoon was changed in 1990 to Chuuk Lagoon. Scuba divers seem to use these two names synonymously. But Chuuk Lagoon is the present name.

These famous wrecks are dived by scuba divers from across the world

Scuba dive Truk Lagoon and Shinkoku Maru wreck by liveaboard:

Truk Lagoon wreck Nippo Maru World War II Gas Masks bullets

Details of Nippo Maru wreck

  • The Nippo Maru was a heavily laden cargo ship.
  • She is sitting upright at a depth of 18-48 metres (60-180 feet).
  • She is east of Tonoas (Dublon) Island.
  • Nippon Maru was a passenger and cargo freighter before she was requisitioned by the Japanese navy.
  • On-board she had coastal defence guns, field artillery (as per the above image), trucks, a tank, machine guns, shells and mines.
  • The Nippo Maru wreck has a particularly photogenic bridge.
  • Sunk by three 500lb bombs, which was by the American TBF Avengers aircraft on 17th February 1944 on the first day of Operation Hailstone.
  • She was 108 metres (354 feet) in length.
  • Nippon Maru had a 3,764-ton cargo carrying capacity.
  • Nippo Maru was first launched in Kobe, Japan in 1936.

The word ‘Maru’ in Japanese ship naming protocol designates a merchant vessel.

To see the location of this wreck on the map, please follow this link to: Truk Lagoon wreck map.

Nippo Maru Wreck - Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon

Comments on Nippo Maru ship wreck

The Nippo Maru is such an exciting wreck. Especially for divers interested in World War II artefacts.

What to find onboard Nippo Maru includes:

  • Bomb shells.
  • Detonators.
  • Rifle ammunition.
  • A battle tank.
  • You will also see water tanks.
  • The remains of a truck.
  • Beer bottles.
  • Gas masks.
  • Mess kits.
  • Parts of shoes.

To understand more about what happened at Truk Lagoon, please take a read of this article…what happened at Truk Lagoon in 1944.

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Nippo Maru Truck Lagoon wreck video

This is a video of Nippo Maru truck Lagoon wreck.

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Scuba Dive The Nippo Maru Wreck Of Truk Lagoon (Details Of Truk Lagoon Wrecks)

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