The Best Red Sea Liveaboard Dive Boats (Dive Liveaboards Table)

Red Sea Liveaboard Dive Boats

The Red Sea is a top scuba diving destination in the world. One of the best ways to dive these warm blue waters is from a Red Sea liveaboard dive boat. This article includes a handy table to show the best time to visit and dive the Red Sea. Plus a complete table of features of all Red Sea liveaboards too. From this list you will be able to make you decision about the best Red Sea liveaboard for you. But I have highlighted a few of the best liveaboards for you too.

Red Sea liveaboard dive boats offers the best diving in the world for the best value for money. The Red Sea’s crystal clear warm waters offers beginner scuba divers to experienced and tech divers alike to enjoy an abundance of sea life, including small coral fish to the largest fish the whale shark.

Red Sea Liveaboard Dive Boats Table
Firebird Liveaboard, Egypt – Image courtesy of

Red Sea Liveaboard Dive Boats Table

Red Sea LiveaboardReview Rating Out of 10Cost Per Day (From Price)EnquireFlexible BookingNitroxDietary RequirementsVeganVegetarianInternetOther ActivitesMax Guests/Cabins/BathroomsAir Con CabinsEnsuitesSeaview CabinsMin Trip NightsMax Trip NightsDive CoursesLengthFamily FriendlyNon-Diver FriendlySidemount DivingRebreather FriendlyTech Diver FriendlyMin ExperienceMin Logged Dives
Carlton Queen0.0£059/$80/€70EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeYes22/11/11YesYesNo410Yes 36m/118fNoYesYesYesNoAOW50
Nouran Liveaboard9.0£097/$132/€115EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeUnderwater Scooters24/12/12YesYesYes77Yes 36m/118fNoYesYesYesYes Tri MixAOW30
Tala Liveaboard8.8£097/$132/€115EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeUnderwater Scooters22/11/11YesYesYes77Yes 36m/118fNoYesYesYesYes Tri MixAOW50
Admira Liveaboard0.0£074/$101/€87EnquireYesPaidYesNoYesFreeNo14/10/11NoYesYes77No35m/115fYesYesYesNoNoNone0
Al Farouk II Liveaboard8.6£086/$117/€102EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo24/12/12YesYesYes77Yes 33m/108fNoNoNoNoNoOW50
Aldebaran Liveaboard9.2£122/$166/€144EnquireYesPaidYesNoYesFreeNo20/10/12YesYesNo77Yes 35m/115fYesNoNoNoNoAOW50
Amelia Discovery Liveaboard8.4£073/$99/€86EnquireNoFreeYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/10YesYesYes77Yes 32m/105fNoYesYesYesYesAOW10
Amelie Liveaboard9.5£066/$90/€78EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo12/6/2YesNoNo37Yes 23m/75fNoYesYesNoNoOWNo Min
Andromeda Liveaboard0.0£OREnquireNoPaidYesNoYesFreeNo27/13/14YesYesYes77Yes40m/131fNoNoYesNoNoOW50
Aphrodite Liveaboard9.9£051/$69/€60EnquireNoPaidYesYesYesFreeNo22/11/11YesYesYes77Yes 35m/115fNoYesYesYesYesAOW30
Blue Adventurer Liveaboard8.9£038/$52/€45EnquireNoPaidYesYesYesFreeNo22/11/14YesYesYes77Yes 32m/105fNoYesNoNoNoOW20
Blue Fin Liveaboard9.2£089/$121/€105EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo24/12/14YesYesYes77Yes 39m/128fNoYesYesYesYesOW20
Blue Horizon Liveaboard8.9£094/$128/€111EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo26/13/15YesYesYes77Yes 41m/135fNoYesYesYesYesOW20
Blue Liveaboard9.5£108/$147/€127EnquireYesFreeYesNoNoFreeNo24/12/12YesYesYes77Yes 43m/141fNoYesYesYesNoOW30
Blue Melody Liveaboard9.3£094/$128/€111EnquireYesPaidYesNoYesFreeNo26/13/15YesYesNo77Yes 38m/125fNoYesNoNoNoOW20
Blue Pearl Liveaboard9.1£081/$110/€96EnquireYesFreeYesNoYesFreeNo20/10/12YesYesNo77Yes 36m/118fNoNoNoYesNoOW30
Blue Planet I9.1£066/$90/€78EnquireYesPaidYesNoYesFreeNo16/8/9YesYesNo77Yes 27m/89fNoYesNoYesNoOW30
Blue Seas Liveaboard9.2£088/$120/€104EnquireYesFreeYesNoYesFreeNo24/11/12YesYesNo77Yes 37m/121fNoYesNoYesNoOW30
Dive Hurghada Liveaboard0.0£OREnquireYesPaidYesNoYesFreeNo16/8/10YesYesNo66Yes32m/105fNoYesNoYesNoAOW30
Dolce Vita Liveaboard9.8£119/$162/€141EnquireYesFreeYesNoNoFreeNo24/12/12YesYesYes77Yes 38m/125fNoYesNoNoNoAOW10
Emperor Asmaa Liveaboard8.8£095/$129/€112EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/10YesYesYes77Yes 30m/98fNoYesNoYesNoOW20
Emperor Echo Liveaboard9.2£079/$108/€93EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo24/12/14YesYesYes77No31m/102fNoNoNoYesNoOW30
Emperor Elite Liveaboard9.3£113/$154/€133EnquireYesFreeYesNoNoFreeNo26/14/14YesYesYes77No38m/125fNoNoNoYesNoOW30
Emperor Superior Liveaboard9.1£075/$102€89EnquireYesFreeYesNoNoFreeNo25/13/13YesYesYes77No37m/121fNoNoNoYesYesOW20
Enigma Liveaboard0.0£084/$114/€99EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo24/12/14YesYesYes67Yes 32m/105fYesYesNoNoNoAOW30
Firebird Liveaboard10.0£069/$94/€81EnquireNoPaidYesYesYesFreeNo16/8/9YesYesNo710Yes32m/105fNoYesYesYesNOOW30
Ghani Liveaboard10.0£095/$129/€112EnquireNoFreeYesNoYesNoNo22/11/11YesYesNo77Yes 29m/95fNoYesNoNoYesOW30
Gloria Liveaboard0.0£OREnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo18/11/13YesYesYes77Yes33m/108fYesYesYesNoNoOW40
Golden Dolphin9.5£079/$108/€93EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/12YesYesYes77Yes 32m/105fNoNoYesYesYesAOW50
Golden Dolphin II9.1£096/$131/€113EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/10YesYesYes77Yes 36m/118fNoNoYesYesYesAOW50
Golden Dolphin III9.0£102/$139/€120EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/10YesYesNo714Yes 37m/121fNoNoYesYesYesAOW50
Heaven Saphir Liveaboard8.0£093/$127/€110EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo19/9/9YesYesYes77Yes 36m/118fYesYesYesYesYesAOW20
Jessica Liveaboard9.4£107/$146/€126EnquireNoFreeYesNoYesNoNo30/15/15YesYesNo77Yes 39m/128fNoYesNoNoYesOW30
JP Marine Liveaboard9.0£079/$108/€93EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo28/14/14YesYesYes77Yes 37m/121fNoNoYesNoNoOW30
King Snefro 5 Liveaboard9.2£076/$103/€90EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo8/4/4YesYesNo33Yes22m/72fNoYesYesNoNoOW20
King Snefro 6 Liveaboard9.0£076/$103/€90EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo8/4/4YesYesNo33Yes 22m/72fNoYesYesNoNoOW20
Lighthouse Miracle I0.0£083/$113/€98EnquireYesPaidYesNoYesFreeNo24/12/13YesYesYes77Yes 32m/105fNoNoNoNoNoOW30
Longimanus Liveaboard8.8£106/$144/€125EnquireNoPaidYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/12YesYesYes77Yes36m/118fNoYesYesYesNoAOW30
My Odyssey Liveaboard9.2£142/$193/€168EnquireYesFreeYesNoYesFreeNo26/13/13YesYesYes77Yes 40m/131fNoYesNoNoNoAOW40
Nemo Liveaboard8.4£095/$129/€112EnquireNoFreeYesNoYesNoNo22/11/11YesYesNo77Yes31m/102fNoYesNoNoYesOW30
Oceanos Liveaboard8.6£131/$178/€156EnquireNoFreeYesNoYesFreeNo26/13/15YesYesYes77Yes39m/128fNoYesYesYesYesOW30
Okeanos Xplorer8.4£113/$154/€133EnquireNoFreeYesYesYesFreeNo22/11/11YesYesNo77Yes 32m/105fNoNoYesYesYesOW20
Orion Liveaboard8.0£079/$108/€93EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo26/13/13YesYesYes77Yes 38m/125fNoNoNoNoNoAOW30
Red Sea Aggressor II9.3£137/$186/€162EnquireNoPaidYesNoNoNoneNo22/11/11YesYesNo77Yes 42m/138ftNoYesNoNoNoOW0
Red Sea Aggressor III9.6£089/$121/€105EnquireNoPaidYesNoNoNoNo22/11/11YesYesNo77Yes 40m/131fNoYesNoNoNoOWNo Min
Red Sea Blue Force 29.3£083/$113/€98EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesPaidNo18/9/10YesYesNo78Yes 28m/92fNoNoNoNoYesOW0
Red Sea Blue Force 39.4£103/$140/€122EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesPaidNo26/12/12YesYesNo88Yes 42m/138fYesNoNoNoYesOW0
Royal Evolution10.0£099/$135/€117EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo24/12/12YesYesYes77Yes 39m/128fNoYesYesYesYesAOW50
Samira Discovery Liveaboard9.0£073/$99/€86EnquireNoPaidYesYesYesFreeNo22/11/11YesYesYes77Yes 35m/115fNoYesYesYesYesAOW10
Sea Friend Liveaboard9.6£083/$113/€98EnquireYesPaidYesNoYesFreeNo20/13/15YesYesNo77Yes 40m/131fNoYesYesNoNoOW5
Sea Legend Liveaboard9.0£120/$163/€142EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo28/14/16YesYesYes77Yes 42m/138fYesNoYesNoNoAOW30
Sea Serpent Contessa9.2£107/$146/€126EnquireYesFreeYesNoYesFreeNo24/12/12YesYesYes77Yes 34m/112fNoYesYesYesYesAOW30
Sea Serpent Grand9.1£128/$174/€151EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo28/14/14YesYesYes77Yes 41m/135fNoNoYesYesYesOW10
Sea Serpent Liveaboard9.0£107/$146/€126EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo22/11/12YesYesYes77Yes 34m/112fNoYesYesYesYesOW10
Sea Serpent Serena0.0£095/$129/€112EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo18/9/9YesYesYes77Yes 33m/108fYesYesYesYesYesOW10
Seawolf Dominator9.4£099/$135/€117EnquireYesPaidYesNoNoFreeNo22/11/14YesYesNo714Yes 36m/118fNoYesNoNoNoAOW50
Seawolf Felo Liveaboard9.1£099/$135/€117EnquireYesPaidYesNoNoFreeNo22/11/13YesYesNo77Yes 39m/128fNoYesNoNoNoOW20
Seawolf Soul Liveaboard9.2£087/$118/€103EnquireYesPaidYesNoNoFreeNo22/11/13YesYesNo77Yes 36m/118fNoYesNoNoNoOW20
Seven Seas Liveaboard10.0£101/$137/€119EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo24/12/14YesYesYes77Yes 41m/135fNoYesYesYesNoOW50
Snefro Love Liveaboard9.4£090/$123/€106EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/13NoYesNo77Yes 37m/121fNoYesYesNoNoOW20
Snefro Pearl Liveaboard9.3£084/$114/€99EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo12/6/8YesYesNo37Yes 29m/95fNoYesYesNoNoOW20
Snefro Spirit Liveaboard9.0£090/$123/€106EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo18/9/13YesYesNo77Yes 33m/108fNoYesYesNoNoOW20
Snefro Target Liveaboard8.9£084/$114/€99EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/13YesYesNo77Yes 37m/121fNoNoYesNoNoOW20
South Moon Liveaboard9.0£090/$123/€106EnquireYesPaidYesYesYesFreeNo16/8/10YesYesYes77Yes 27m/89fNoYesYesYesNoAOW20
Sunlight Liveaboard8.8£079/$108/€93EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/12YesYesNo77No34m/112fYesYesYesNoNoOWNo Min
Sunshine Liveaboard0.0£053/$72/€63EnquireYesFreeYesYesYesFreeNo20/10/11YesYesYes77No31m/102fNoYesYesNoNoOW30
Thunderbird Liveaboard8.2£074/$101/€87EnquireNoPaidYesYesYesFreeNo16/8/9YesYesNo714Yes31m/102fNoYesYesYesNoOW30
Tillis Liveaboard9.2£101/$137/€119EnquireYesPaidYesNoYesFreeNo26/13/13YesYesYes47No35m/115fNoNoYesNoYesAOW50
Vip One Liveaboard0.0£OREnquireYesFreeYesNoYesFreeNo16/8/8YesYesNo57Yes30m/98fNoYesYesYesYesOW20
Vita Xplorer Liveaboard7.5£107/$146/€126EnquireNoFreeYesYesYesFreeNo24/13/13YesYesNo77Yes 38m/125fNoNoYesYesNoAOW50
Table Notes:
1. The exchange rate used for GBP to USD 1.36 and GBP to Euro 1.18.
2. The 'Cost per day' column will make it easy to sort these Red Sea liveaboards by cost, but these prices may vary when you visit to book. But the prices listed are a cost guide and were correct at the time of compiling this table.
3. Under cost per day "£OR" means price on request.
4. Under rating '0.0' means no rating received at the time of compiling the table.
5. To scroll on desktop select table and use arrow keys. On touch screen including mobile devices scroll the table using the screen
Which is the best Red Sea liveaboard
Blue Liveaboard, Egypt – image courtesy of

Which is the best Red Sea liveaboard

The list of Red Sea liveaboards is long, so it might be difficult to know which one to choose. If you are struggling, let me help you with my choices of the best Red Sea liveaboards.

  1. Best rated small Red Sea liveaboard: The King Snefro 5 Liveaboard is rated 9.2 out of 10. This is my top choice Red Sea liveaboard, as she offers flexible booking terms, with nitrox onboard, free internet and all for a low budget price. Designed for no more than eight divers across four en-suite cabins with air-con.
  2. Best rated large Red Sea liveaboard: The Sea Legend liveaboard is rated 9.0 out of 10. She offers Red Sea diving for up to 28 divers across 14 air-con cabins with en-suite bathrooms. Also offering flexible booking terms and has paid nitrox onboard.
  3. Best family friendly Red Sea liveaboard: The above Sea Legend liveaboard is a family friendly liveaboard. But you may also like to review the Red Sea Blue Force 3 liveaboard too. This Red Sea liveaboard is rated 9.4 out of 10, has flexible booking terms and paid nitrox onboard.
  4. Best tech diver friendly Red Sea liveaboard: The Royal Evolution liveaboard is a wreck-diving liveaboard. The Royal Evolution has all the support necessary for technical divers, including rebreathers and sidemount diving. You should also consider the Golden Dolphin liveaboard too. This Red Sea liveaboard also has flexible booking terms, free nitrox and free internet onboard too. Rated 9.5 out of 10.

The Best Time To Dive The Red Sea (Scroll table right for more info.)

MonthAverage daily max temperature/
Average Water
Wind Speed
01. Scuba diving in Red Sea in January19.1°C (66.4°F)/7hrs22.5°C (72.5°F)10.9/17.52 (0.079)Winter season waters and air temperatures are cooler, but more chance to spot oceanic whitetips. Low season and quieter dive sites.
02. Scuba diving in Red Sea in February19.7°C (67.5°F)/7hrs21.7°C (71.1°F)12.2/19.60Winter season waters and air temperatures are cooler, but more chance to spot oceanic whitetips
03. Scuba diving in Red Sea in March21.9°C (71.4°F)/8hrs21.8°C (71.2°F)13.5/21.70More chance to see whale sharks in northern Red Sea
04. Scuba diving in Red Sea in April25.1°C (77°F)/9hrs22.5°C (72.5°F)14.0/22.51 (0.039)More chance to see whale sharks in northern Red Sea
05. Scuba diving in Red Sea in May28°C (82.4°F)/10hrs24.4°C (76°F)15.0/24.10More chance to see whale sharks in northern Red Sea
06. Scuba diving in Red Sea in June29.7°C (85.5°F)/11hrs26.3°C (79.3°F)17.0/27.40Air temperatures high and uncomfortable. Low season and quieter dive sites.
07. Scuba diving in Red Sea in July31.1°C (88°F)/11hrs28.3°C (82.9°F)15.3/24.30Air temperatures high and uncomfortable. Low season and quieter dive sites.
08. Scuba diving in Red Sea in August32.7°C (90.9°F)/11hrs28.9°C (84°F)17.2/27.680Air temperatures high and uncomfortable. Low season and quieter dive sites.
09. Scuba diving in Red Sea in September30.6°C (87°F)/10hrs28.2°C (82.8°F)16.2/26.10Best time for manta rays in the Sudan, plus thresher sharks in the Sudan and Egypt
10. Scuba diving in Red Sea in October28°C (82.4°F)/9hrs27.5°C (81.5°F)12.2/19.60Best time for manta rays in the Sudan plus thresher sharks in the Sudan and Egypt
11. Scuba diving in Red Sea in November24.7°C (76.5°F)/8hrs25.4°C (77.7°F)10.8/17.42 (0.079)Best time for manta rays in the Sudan plus thresher sharks in the Sudan and Egypt
12. Scuba diving in Red Sea in December21.5°C (70.7°F)/9hrs23.9°C (75°F)10.7/17.21 (0.039)Winter season waters and air temperatures are cooler, but more chance to spot oceanic whitetips. Low season and quieter dive sites.
1. The average Red Sea air temperatures, average rainfall, average daily sunshine hours and average wind speeds are courtesy of for Sharm el Sheikh.
2. To scroll on desktop select table and use arrow keys. On touch screen including mobile devices scroll the table using the screen.
Oceanic Whitetip shark - When is the best time to dive the Red Sea

When is the best time to dive the Red Sea?

The best time to dive the Red Sea is March and May and September to November when the air and sea temperatures are warm. But if you prefer quieter dive sites and you don’t mind cooler air and sea temperatures December to February are good months to dive with abetter chance to sea oceanic whitetips.

On the other hand, if you can bear the heat of the summer months, then a good time to visit is between June to August. But be aware the heat and sun can be quite unbearable during this time. Having said that, you’re on a liveaboard with sea all around you read for you to jump in an cool off.

Follow this link if you are looking for a 3 day liveaboard Red Sea trip. These short liveaboard trips are ideal for family trips to allow one or other partner to enjoy a quick trip away from a land-based resort holiday. Or if you’re on business in Egypt and can only spare a three days to enjoy some Red Sea diving.

I hope you enjoyed this page about Red Sea liveaboard dive boats

If you have more questions either about snorkelling or scuba diving (or specifically about Red Sea liveaboard dive boats), please comment below with your questions.

Please share your experiences, plus dive sites, resorts and liveaboards you recommend. Share the time of year of your trip together with what you saw, the visibility, currents and dive operator, as this will help others who read this page.

There will also be many more pages and articles about scuba and scuba diving safety tips (and on snorkelling too) for you to read and learn about this fabulous sport.

Have fun and be safe!

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