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Myanmar (Burma) Liveaboard Diving - whale shark

Myanmar (Burma) Liveaboard Diving

Remote Liveaboard Diving On Unspoilt Reefs Overflowing With Marine Life, Mantas, Sharks and Turtles

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Liveaboard Diving in Myanmar (Burma)

Liveaboard dive the untouched oceans of Myanmar and visit the off the beaten path dive sites like Mergui Archipelago, Burma Banks, Black Rock and Shark Cave. There are very few dive liveaboards that visit the still unspoilt reefs and recently discovered region of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal.

Liveaboard diving in Myanmar is still relatively new, which means the area is relatively untouched and unexplored by many divers. Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is in southeast Asia. It is bordered by Thailand to the south and east, and India to the north.

There are two main diving areas in Myanmar. These are Mergui Archipelago and Burma Banks. The Mergui Archipelago is becoming ever more popular and attracts divers who want to experience the diversity of its marine life and corals.

Both dive sites can only be reached by dive liveaboards, all of which leave from Thailand. The dive sites in Myanmar include exciting wall and cave dives with many stunning drop-offs, where you can peer out into the blue and you never know what you might see.

Burma diving safari: Mergui Archipelago dive cruise in 2020

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Myanmar Liveaboard Dive Sites

The dive sites in Myanmar include strong currents, which means the diving is best suited to intermediate to advanced divers.

The sea conditions may not be conducive for those who suffer from seasickness on a liveaboard.

There are over 50 dive sites to choose from, with the opportunity to see large and small marine life.

Dive depths range from 5-40 metres (16-131 feet), where the visibility ranges from a low 5 metres (16 feet) up to an amazing 50 metres (164 feet). Myanmar sea temperatures range from 25-28°C (77-82.4°F).

Burma Banks Diving

The Burma Banks are found about 125 kilometres (78 miles) west of Kawthaung, which is the southernmost city in Myanmar. The Burma Banks are large underwater flat-topped seamounts that rise up from a depth of around 350 meters (1,148 feet) to just 15 meters (49 feet) from the surface.

The names of these seamounts include Big Bank, Silvertip Bank, Rainbow Bank, Roe Bank, Coral Bank and Heckford Bank.

The top of these seamounts is covered in hard and soft corals together with plenty of marine life, which includes some very large sharks. The sharks found at Burma Banks include silvertip sharks, nurse sharks, whitetip sharks, blacktip sharks, with the occasional chance to see tiger sharks or hammerhead sharks too.

The Burma Banks is great for the more advanced diver, as there are currents to enjoy drift diving.

Mergui Archipelago Diving

If Mergui Archipelago wasn’t on your bucket list of dives, you may want to consider adding it. The Mergui Archipelago is one of the least known places to liveaboard dive. It is where the open ocean diving offers the opportunity to find diverse marine life and thrilling dives, with the chance to dive with sharks virtually guaranteed.

Black Rock is considered one of the best dive sites at the Mergui Archipelago. Black Rock is an islet about 80 meters (262 feet) wide, where the surrounding waters is home to many large sharks such as whitetip sharks, blacktip sharks, silvertip sharks and leopard sharks (also known as zebra sharks).

Black Rock is also known for large rays, including schools of manta rays, eagle rays, an abundance of Mobula rays and large marble stingrays too.

Divers need to be aware of the currents around Black Rock. These currents can be strong and there are often down currents present.

Western Rocky is the southern most dive site of Mergui Archipelago where you have the chance to see whale sharks and whitetip reef sharks.

Western Rocky has interesting typographical features, which include a cavern with an archway swim-through and a tunnel. This tunnel, which runs through the center of the island, is home to huge lobsters and nurse sharks.

The south side of Western Rocky Island have slopes of boulders where you’ll find large barracuda, together with various reef sharks, and even bull sharks.

Shark Cave is another dive site of Mergui Archipelago. In Shark Cave you’ll find many types of crustacean, including harlequin shrimp, Mantis shrimp and tapestry shrimp. But also keep your eyes peeled for seahorses and ghost pipe fish too.

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