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Guadalupe Liveaboard Diving

Remote Liveaboard Cage Diving With Great White Sharks In The Pacific Ocean

Popular Guadalupe Liveaboards


Liveaboard Diving Guadalupe

Guadalupe liveaboards offer trips to one of the best places in the world to cage dive with great white sharks, with an almost guarantee to see great whites. You don’t need to be a certified scuba diver to join a Guadalupe liveaboard, but it is recommended.

Guadalupe Liveaboard Diving Map

Where Is Guadalupe Island?

Guadalupe Island is a volcanic island about 240 kilometres (150 miles) off the west coast of Baja California in the Pacific Ocean, and about 400 kilometres (250 miles) southwest of San Diego, California.

Guadalupe Island Great White Sharks (2021) – dived from MV Horizon from San Diego

Table of Guadalupe Liveaboards

This list of Guadalupe liveaboards is in descending customer rating order, so the liveaboards with the highest customer rating will be at the top of the list. To filter this table for the features that are important for your Guadalupe liveaboard trip, select from the list of filters below.

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Discover LiveaboardCustomer ReviewsPrice Per Day
Review: MV Nautilus Belle Amie; Book: MV Nautilus Belle Amie 9.4 Exceptional from £241; $315; €294
Review: MV Nautilus Explorer; Book: MV Nautilus Explorer 8.9 Fabulous from £259; $315; €294
Review: MV Nautilus Under Sea; Book: MV Nautilus Under Sea 8.8 Fabulous from £241; $315; €294
Review: MV Solmar V; Book: MV Solmar V 8.7 Fabulous from £286; $349; €326
Review: MV Southern Sport; Book: MV Southern Sport 0 Not rated from £251; $306; €286
Review: America's Shark Boat MV Horizon; Book: America's Shark Boat MV Horizon 0 Not rated from £672; $820; €766

Note: The above “Price Per Day” was correct at the time of producing this article, as was the exchange rate used to convert the GBP cost to US Dollars and Euros. For an up-to-date cost for your chosen liveaboard, please visit the “Book” link above.

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