Scuba diving stories

Are There Great White Sharks In Hawaii? (White Shark Diving)

Hawaii has great white sharks visit during the months of January through to April, which is when the waters around Hawaii cool down to below 24°C (75°F). In the summer months great white sharks leave the Pacific waters of Hawaii, as they generally prefer water temperatures between 12-24°C (54-75°F).

Are There Great White Sharks In The Caribbean & The Gulf of Mexico?

There are great white sharks in the Caribbean and it’s thought they come to breed in the warm safe waters of the Gulf of Mexico. But the scientists are still researching why the largest predators of the oceans visit the Caribbean when they normally prefer cooler waters.

How To Deal With A Down Current And Not Panic (Escape The Abyss)

How you deal with a down current is to swim at a 45° upward angle away from the wall whilst adding air to your BCD as you swim. If this doesn’t work grab a stationary object to stabilise yourself. Use other objects to crawl to the surface or wait until you’re ready for another attempt at a swim to the surface.

How To Return a Found Gopro (Lost And Found GoPro)

How to return a found Gopro, either through the lost and found GoPro on their website, or alternatively by finding it yourself. If you’ve lost your GoPro whilst scuba diving, you may be unlucky. But this depends on where you’re diving and whether it’s got a floating device to bring it to the surface.

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