Snorkeling Tips

Red Tide Florida: The Affects on Swimmers, Divers & Snorkelers

Red tides in Florida are caused by harmful algae blooms, which can fill fish, can be harmful to humans that swim, snorkel or scuba dive in the sea, or can make the shellfish and molluscs dangerous to eat. Red tides affect Florida in the months of August to November most years.

Snorkeling In Clearwater Florida: Is The Beach Good Snorkeling

Clearwater Beach Florida isn’t that special for snorkeling, as it is mostly sandy bottom, but the waters are warm and shallow with mostly good visibility so you can see the seabed. You will see reef fish and hermit crabs and the further you swim from the shoreline the more interesting it becomes.

Is There Good Snorkeling In Myrtle Beach: Visibility and Safety

Myrtle Beach isn’t very good for snorkeling, as the visibility is terrible due to the agitation of the water cause by wave action and large tidal swings. What adds to the murky water is the many rivers that feed into the sea in this area, which would make your snorkeling adventure disappointing.

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