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Are There Great White Sharks In The Caribbean & The Gulf of Mexico?

There are great white sharks in the Caribbean and it’s thought they come to breed in the warm safe waters of the Gulf of Mexico. But the scientists are still researching why the largest predators of the oceans visit the Caribbean when they normally prefer cooler waters.

What Should I Wear After Scuba Diving?

After scuba diving with a bikini under a wetsuit you’re best to wear thin non-water absorbing board shorts or synthetic shorts like the Patagonia Micro Planning shorts. Combine this with a similar fabric t-shirt and you’re good to go. Even better is to wear a waterproof neoprene bikini or swimsuit that doesn’t get wet!

Scuba Diving The Indonesian Forgotten Islands By Liveaboard

The Forgotten Islands, which are also known as the Southeast Moluccas (Maluku Tenggara), are a part of Indonesia. These islands are made up of a 1,000 kilometre (625 mile) long chain of archipelagos which stretch from Flores or Timor across to West Papua on the island of New Guinea. The best and only way to dive the Forgotten Islands is by liveaboard dive boat, which will take you to this very remote and isolated chain of islands. The best time to scuba dive the Forgotten Islands is in the dry season, which is from June until November. See below for the best liveaboards for dive trips to the Forgotten Islands.

Can You Scuba Dive In Antarctica? (Ice Diving Trips To The Southern Oceans)

Scuba diving Antarctica is about the pristine clear waters and about enjoying one of the richest bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet. But whilst the answer is yes you can scuba dive Antarctica, it’s not for beginners. To dive Antarctica you will need prior experience of cold-water diving and of diving using a dry suit. Plus I recommend a minimum of 30 dives including those in cold water.

Scuba Diving Lizard (Water Anole Underwater Breathing)

Scientists have only as recently as 2015 discovered that a small gecko-like lizard that lives next to streams in the mountains of Costa Rica appears to have evolved a kind of scuba tank. This scuba diving lizard can stay underwater for long periods, where it was originally thought it was holding its breathe. The river anole can remain submerged for at least 16 minutes. It does so by blowing out air into a bubble and then re-inhales this air whilst underwater.

What Are The Similarities Between Sharks And Rays (14 Characteristics)

Rays and sharks are closely related. They are both cartilaginous fish, meaning they have cartilage for skeletons rather than bones. Sharks and rays both have gill slits or clefts and don’t have a swim bladder. They both have dermal denticles which are modified “scales” covering their skin referred to as shagreen. They also have ampullae of Lorenzini sensory organs called electroreceptors in common too.

40+ Interesting Facts About Manta Rays (Oceanic Giants Of The Seas)

Interesting facts about manta rays include the word “Manta” which takes the meaning of blanket or cloak in Spanish. They are also known as devil rays and are a common tattoo representing graceful strength and wisdom. Manta ray have the largest brain relative to body size of all known species of fish. Their diet consists of plankton, small fish and small crustaceans like krill. The largest ever recorded manta rays is 9.1 metres (30 feet), which is wider than a giraffe is tall.

Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter (With Smart Phone Mount)

The Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter pulls divers or snorkelers along using two electric-powered propellers. The battery life of the Mix Pro’s removable lithium-ion battery life is the same as that of the WhiteShark, which is claimed as 60 minutes per 2-hour charge. With an amazing maximum depth rating of 40 meters (131 feet). Plus it has a smartphone mount too!

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