Truk Master Liveaboard review (Truk Lagoon liveaboards and diving)

Truk Master Liveaboard review (Truk Lagoon liveaboards and diving)
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Truk Master Liveaboard reviews rated as 9.1 out of 10 and Superb!

If you want to know about the Truk Master Liveaboard review ratings. This is probably the best liveaboard in Truk Lagoon (or Chuuk Lagoon) to dive from. Ideally suited for those tech divers amongst you, as it’s geared up with rebreather support.

Truk Master Liveaboard review: A review of the Truk Master Liveaboard reveals a 37 metre (121 feet) boat offering year-round dive trips of Truk Lagoon wrecks. Reviews include: “Wrecks top notch, friendly crews”; “Good dive guide made sure everyone got out safely from engine rooms of the wrecks”; “Knowledgeable and friendly cruise director”.

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Truk Master Liveaboard reviews

There are three verified reviews on for the Truk Master, which are as follows:

Truk Master Liveaboard review #1

Overall very good experience 

Wrecks top notch, friendly crews.”

Recommended for: Dive Guides, cabin comfort

Mark L, USA – 10 out of 10, 5 stars and rated Exceptional.

Truk Master Liveaboard review #2

Pacific War Wrecks, stress-free

stress-free diving, good information.”

Recommended for: tenders, guides, athmosphere

Anthony D, Belgium – 8 out of 10, 4 stars and rated very good

Truk Master Liveaboard review #3

Comfortable and clean

Good dive guide made sure everyone got out safely from engine rooms of the wrecks. Crew helped to wash and hang wetsuit after each dive. Also washed and hung gear at end of trip.”

Recommended for: Cabin 6, handsome & friendly cruise director, attentive crew

Tammy L, Singapore – 10 out of 10, 5 stars and rated Exceptional

To book a dive trip on this top Micronesian liveaboard which was custom-built for divers based in Truk Lagoon go to

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Truk Master key features

Truk Master liveaboard cabin

These are a few of the key features of the Truk Master Liveaboard, Micronesia:

  • Nitrox available.
  • Tech diving.
  • Rebreather support.
  • Scuba gear rental.
  • Max 16 guests in 8 air conditioned cabins with en-suite bathrooms.
  • Western food or local food with vegetarian options, with the option of Al Fresco dining.
  • Paid internet.

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You can book the Truk Master Liveaboard for either a 10 night or 7 night stay. The 11 day, 10 night stay allows for up to 27 dives in total, but of course this depends on the depths of your dives.

Whereas the 8 day, 7 night trip allows for up to 18 dives in total.

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As the Truk Master liveaboard offers Tec diving facilities, this affords those divers looking to dive deeper and for longer on the wrecks. This way the tech divers are abler to take a closer look at history or what happened at Truk Lagoon back in World War II.

The Chuuk Lagoon skeletons belies the truth of what took place at Chuuk Lagoon back in World War II!

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Truk Master Liveaboard review (Truk Lagoon liveaboards and diving)

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