I-169 Submarine Wreck Of Truk Lagoon (Details Of Truk Lagoon Wrecks)

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The I-169 Submarine was sunk during Operation Hailstone in 1944

This short article about the I-169 Submarine Wreck is to provide you with a few basic details about this Japanese World War II submarine I-169. This submarine is one of the many Truk Lagoon wrecks for scuba divers to dive in Chuuk Lagoon.

Truk Lagoon wreck I-169 submarine was sunk by American forces at Truk Lagoon during Operation Hailstorm in 1944. The I-169 submarine wreck is the only submarine in Chuuk Lagoon and was the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Kaidai-class cruiser submarine of the KD6 sub-class built in 1930.

Truk Lagoon is the name these Pacific lagoons and islands were named in 1944 when they were in Japanese occupation. However, the name of Truk Lagoon was renamed in 1990 to Chuuk Lagoon.

Scuba divers seem to use these two names synonymously. Whilst the correct name is Chuuk Lagoon, at the time these ship wrecks were sunk it was named Truk Lagoon.

All these wrecks are now dived by scuba divers from across the world.

Details of i-169 Submarine the only submarine wreck of the Truk Lagoon wrecks

  • I-169 Submarine was a Japanese submarine weight of 1,400 tons.
  • She was 98 metres (322 feet) in length and had a beam of 27 metres (8 feet).
  • The I-169 Submarine is the only submarine of all the Truk Lagoon Wrecks.
  • She sits at a maximum depth of 43 metres (140 feet) and has a minimum depth of 37 metres (120 feet).
  • To see the location of the I-169 on a map, please follow this link to: Truk Lagoon wreck map.
  • Not dived as much the other wrecks of Truk Lagoon, as there are no passage ways or engine rooms to go in.
  • Plus it’s not covered by as much coral as there is on other Truk Lagoon Wrecks.

Comments on I-169 Submarine wreck

She is considered dangerous for scuba divers to enter. But you’ll see in the video below a diver does penetrate the inside of this fascinating submarine wreck.

To understand more about what happened at Truk Lagoon, please take a read of this article what happened at Truk Lagoon in 1944.

I-169 Submarine Truck Lagoon wreck video

This is a video of the inside of I-169 Submarine truck Lagoon wreck.

My advise is you don’t go inside the I-169 submarine wreck, as this could prove to be very dangerous. It’s probably as dangerous as cave diving, as you don’t have an easy exit route. Listen to the comments of Pete Peterson in the second video below.

As the first video was of the inside of the I-169 Submarine, here’s a video of the outside of the I-169.

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I-169 Submarine Wreck Of Truk Lagoon (Details Of Truk Lagoon Wrecks)

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