Scuba Dive The Fumizuki Destroyer Truk Lagoon Wreck

Japanese Mutsuki-class destroyer Fumizuki Truk Lagoon Wreck large

One of three purpose built military wrecks in Truk Lagoon Fumizuki Destroyer

Imperial Japanese Navy Fumizuki Destroyer is one of only two destroyers in Truk Lagoon and one of only three purpose built military ships. The other destroyer is the Oite Destroyer. The third military Truk Lagoon wreck is the I-169 Submarine.

Scuba dive The Fumizuki Destroyer Truk Lagoon Wreck: Fumizuki Destroyer is one of twelve Japanese Mutsuki-class Destroyers. A Truck Lagoon wreck at a maximum depth of 40 metres (131 feet) and one of three purpose-built military ship wrecks in the lagoon. A dive that’s within the range for recreational scuba divers looking to dive Truk Lagoon wrecks.

Truk Lagoon is the name these Pacific lagoons and islands were known as in 1944 when they were in Japanese occupation. However, the name of Truk Lagoon was changed in 1990 to Chuuk Lagoon.

Scuba divers seem to use these two names synonymously, but the correct name is Chuuk Lagoon. These famous wrecks are now dived by scuba divers across the world.

Fumizuki Destroyer Truk Lagoon wreck large

Details of IJN Fumizuki Truk Lagoon wreck

  • The Fumizuki Destroyer was a Mutsuki Class Destroyer.
  • She was an improved version of the Kamikaze-class destroyer.
  • These were the first destroyers with triple 61 centimetre (24 inches) torpedo tubes.
  • She sits upright on the sea bed, but is listing to port.
  • There is extensive marine growth on her hull with many schools of fish to see.
  • This wreck 30-40 metres (100-130 feet) deep.
  • Which means the Fumizuki Destroyer wreck is within the recreational diving depth limit of 40 metres (131 feet).
  • The Fumizuki Destroyer was built in 1926.
  • She was 97 metres (320 feet) in length, with a gross tonnage of 1,913.
  • The Fumizuki Destroyer wreck lies west of Moen Island in Truk Lagoon. Her location can be seen on the Truk Lagoon wreck map.
  • There are guns on the deck, which are covered in corals.
  • There’s one gun on the bow and one on the stern of this wreck.

However, the majority of this dive is at a depth in excess of 30 metres (100 feet). Which means your no stop decompression time on this dive will be short. Unless you use nitrox, which at this sort of depth the maximum percentage of nitrox is 28% (i.e to 40 metres (131 feet).

But even with using nitrox to your advantage, your bottom time with 28% nitrox is still only 15 minutes vs 10-12 minutes on atmospheric air. This depends on whether you dive using the PADI or BSAC tables.

Fumizuki destroyer Truk Lagoon wreck video

This is a video of Fumizuki Destroyer of Truk Lagoon:

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Scuba Dive The Fumizuki Destroyer Truk Lagoon Wreck

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