Red Sea liveaboards suited for rebreather diving

If you’re a tech diver and dive on a rebreather, you are better served by choosing a rebreather friendly liveaboard. This article looks are rebreather friendly liveaboards in the Red Sea.

Rebreather friendly liveaboard Red Sea - 27 Red Sea liveaboards to choose from
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Rebreather friendly liveaboard Red Sea for technical divers looking for support for rebreather scuba diving. This means the liveaboard will have the extra equipment needed for divers on rebreathers in between their dives.

Red Sea rebreather friendly liveaboards

If you're a technical diver and you've made the switch from an open circuit scuba system to a closed circuit rebreather scuba system, you will be looking for liveaboards that support rebreathers.

I’ve done the research for you to save time on trawling through every liveaboard on offer.

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Table of suitable liveaboards

In the table below, all the Red Sea liveaboards offer rebreather support. The liveaboards in this list are in the order of customer rating out of 10.

The other columns, in addition to the name of the Red Sea Liveaboard, include those that also support sidemount diving, the maximum number of divers catered for and a link to the latest prices on offer.

Rebreather friendly liveaboard Red Sea

Vita Xplorer10Yes24Prices
Royal Revolution10Yes24Prices
Golden Dolphin9.5Yes20Prices
Contessa Mia9.2Yes22Prices
Freedom III9.2Yes20Prices
Blue Fin9.2Yes24Prices
Golden Dolphin II9.1Yes20Prices
Samira Diuscovery9.1Yes22Prices
Emperor Superior9.2No25Prices
Sea Serpent8.9Yes20Prices
Miss Nouran8.9Yes20Prices
Amelia Discovery8.7Yes20Prices
Golden Dolphin III8.7Yes20Prices
Blue Horizon8.6Yes26Prices
Princess Diana8.4Yes26Prices
Grand Sea Serpent8.4Yes24Prices
Freedom VIII8.0Yes11Prices
Heaven Saphir7.2Yes19Prices
VIP OneNAYes16Prices
The columns in the Red Sea liveaboards for technical divers mean:

Rate: The rating is out of 10
SMD: Sidemount diving
MND: Maximum number of tech divers

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