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All Inclusive Holidays With Free Scuba Diving (Scuba Diving Package Holidays)

All Inclusive Holidays With Free Scuba Diving - Scuba Diving Package Holidays
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Can you believe that all-inclusive resorts that offer free scuba diving exist?

Did you know Sandals Resort holidays include free scuba diving? If you’re a keen scuba diver and if you like all-inclusive holidays, then I suggest you take a look at the Sandals all-inclusive resort offer. It’s simply amazing.

All inclusive holidays with free scuba diving in the Caribbean with Sandals Resorts. Scuba dive every day and it’s all included in the price of the holiday. Book an all-inclusive holiday to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the sun with a difference. Just add a scuba diving certification and you’re good to go.

But don’t worry if you’re not already a certified scuba diver, as you can even learn to dive with an experienced PADI diving instructor at the resort. The scuba diver training isn’t free and you’ll need to pay additional course fees. There’s even a 3-hour Discover Scuba Diving Program, which also carries a nominal fee.

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All inclusive holidays with free scuba diving – where to find them

The concept of All inclusive holidays with free scuba diving seems almost too good to be true. But Sandals offer free scuba diving at all their all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. These include the following:

For the complete beginner scuba divers you have to pay nominal fee. This gets you started on their PADI Resort Certification Program. Alternatively, you pay the PADI course fees to become a fully certified scuba diver.

List of all-inclusive resorts that offer free scuba diving

All-inclusive resorts that offer free scuba diving by Sandals include the following Caribbean locations:

All inclusive resorts with scuba diving included in Antigua

All inclusive resorts with scuba diving included in Antigua

The Sandals resort itself is set on Antigua’s best beach. Sandals Grande Antigua is Antigua’s most beautiful and is their longest white-sandy beach, which is in Dickenson Bay. This is probably one of the most protected beaches on the coast of Antigua.

You’ll find the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean sea lapping against this idyllic beach. You can relax and unwind whilst you sun-bathe and read a book. Then partake in almost every type of water sport there is. All included for free, just like the scuba diving.

Their Caribbean water sports include:

  • Canoes.
  • Kayaks.
  • Stand up paddle boards.
  • Sailboats.
  • Windsurfers.
  • Then of course there’s the scuba diving included for free too.
  • That’s not mentioning the swimming pools and land sports like beach volley ball and table tennis. search worldwide destinations

The Sandals Resort Antigua has also been voted the World’s leading honeymoon resort too!

All inclusive resorts with scuba diving included in the Bahamas

All inclusive resorts with scuba diving included in the Bahamas

Sandals has a choice of two resorts in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort

One of which is the Royal Bahamian, which was once the favourite of Duke and Duchess of Windsor no less. There’s even a Rolls Royce or Mercedes transfer for their butler guests.

For those guests where keeping in touch with home or work is important, there’s free WIFI in all rooms and public areas.

The Royal Bahamian resort is located on the Bahamas renowned Cable Beach, where the sands are golden. There are also seven swimming pools together with six whirlpools to relax and enjoy. Plus if you’re keen to keep fit during your stay, there’s a penthouse fitness centre too.

But as you may know, scuba diving also burns those calories. So take advantage of the free scuba diving included in your all-inclusive resort holiday.

Bahamas Sandals Emerald Bay Resort

Their second all inclusive resort in the Bahamas is the Sandals Emerald Bay resort. This resort is in the idyllic waters of the Exumas.

Exuma is a district of the Bahamas which consists of over 365 islands or cays. The largest of all these cays is Great Exuma. The resort is located on a beautiful mile-long beach.

One of the must-do experiences if you choose to stay at the Emerald Bay resort is to swim with the pigs of Exuma.

Experience The Pigs Of Exuma In The Bahamas

There’s another advantage of Sandals Emerald Bay resort. Which is in addition to free scuba diving there’s also a golf course too. Voted as the Caribbean’s best golf hotel. With a golf course designed by golf legend Greg Norman. You have the best of all worlds.

All inclusive resorts with scuba diving included in Jamaica

All-inclusive resorts that offer free scuba diving in Jamaica

Jamaica is the birth place of the Sandals resorts. In Jamaica Sandals has seven all inclusive resorts to choose from.

Jamaica Sandals Resorts include:

  1. Montego Bay.
  2. Royal Caribbean.
  3. Negril.
  4. Royal Plantation.
  5. Sandals Ochi.
  6. Sandals Inn.
  7. The Sandals South Coast.

As with all of the Sandals all-inclusive resorts, each one of these resorts on Jamaica offers free scuba diving too.

Other all inclusive resort locations with free scuba diving included

The other locations around the Caribbean where you can enjoy a relaxing all inclusive holiday with free scuba diving, include the following locations:

  • Sandals Grenada – One all inclusive resort on Grenada’s exclusive Pink Gin Beach. Offers free scuba diving.
  • Sandals St. Lucia – Three all inclusive resorts; Regency La Toc, Grande St. Lucia and Halcyon Beach. Each one offers free scuba diving.
  • Sandals Barbados – Offering two resorts, which are both in St. Lawrence Gap; Sandals Barbados and Royal Barbados. Each one offers free scuba diving.

Scuba diving package holidays – how all-inclusive packages work

There are few places around the world with better dive sites than the Caribbean. The seas are always warm and the air temperature is balmy and warm too.

The Caribbean has some of the world’s most renowned reefs, walls and wrecks. Which is why scuba divers flock to this corner of the planet, and it’s why Sandals offers one of the most comprehensive scuba diving programs than anywhere else in the world – and it’s all included!

At Sandals scuba diving is always included. But a scuba diving certification is required before you can dive.

Simply turn up with your scuba diver certification and you’re pretty much set to dive. You’ll need to complete the mandatory medical questionnaire (which is the norm wherever you go scuba diving), together with the Certified Liability Release Form.

Bring some or all of your own scuba diving equipment. Or Sandals offer the very best in dive equipment at each of their all inclusive resorts.

And remember this is all included for free. Sorry I have to keep saying that, as I still can’t get my head around this unbelievable offer.

All inclusive scuba diving holidays for beginners

If you’ve never scuba dived before Sandals have an introductory PADI Resort Certification Program. This introduction to scuba diving will allow you experiencing a whole new underwater world.

The two alternatives for the beginners to scuba diving:

  • First is the resort course or Discover Scuba Diving Program.
  • The second is to enrol on the PADI eLearning program.

PADI eLearning at Sandals Resorts

The Sandals instructors are fully certified by PADI. PADI is the world’s largest scuba diving organisation.

There are additional fees associated with this training program. Plus it’s recommended to take the online certification before you arrive on your holiday. That way you will be able to begin your practical training and get diving much quicker.

This PADI qualification will allow you to dive anywhere in the world. Not just at Sandals resorts.

Discover Scuba Diving Program at Sandals Resorts

With the Discover Scuba Diving Program no prior certification or experience is needed.

However, although all the scuba diving and equipment is included for free. But there is a nominal fee for this training. After you’ve completed this three hour course, you should be able to dive on the same day as your program. You will also be able to dive throughout your stay at our Sandals Resorts.

The classes are taught by their PADI certified dive professionals, so you’ll be in safe hands.

You can download the medical questionnaire and certified liability release form from the Sandals website before you go too. Click this link to download the medical questionnaire. Follow the link to ‘Activities’ and  ‘Scuba Diving’ and then ‘Learn More’ for certified divers.

One final thought about all inclusive free scuba diving at Sandals. Sandals Resorts were voted the top 5 dive operations in the Western Hemisphere by PADI.

Frequently asked questions about Sandals all inclusive resorts

Frequently asked questions about Sandals all inclusive resorts

There are many questions people ask and want to know about Sandals and their resort holidays. I plan to answer most of these here. But if you have any other questions, please pop a comment below or contact Sandals directly by clicking on this link.

What is Sandals?

Sandals is one of the most diverse collections of some of the most idyllic luxury all inclusive resorts in the world.

Their all inclusive resorts are for couples only. Sorry no kids allowed. This makes their resorts perfect for honey-mooners and adults looking to get away from the kids.

If you want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing holiday and to just be with each other, Sandals is the company to book with.

What is the minimum age to stay at Sandals?

The minimum age for anyone to stay at a Sandals resort is 18. Which means anyone aged 18 and over is classed as an adult.

Will I have to tip the staff?

Tipping is normally customary in the Caribbean. But tips are included in the total price paid for the holiday.

So whether you’re British or American, it doesn’t matter as no tips are required. You could even leave your wallet at home, unless you’re not a certified scuba diver and want to learn.

For those of you certified scuba divers, there are no additional costs to find. Unless of course you want to purchase items in their gift shops whilst you’re away.

Can I take my kids to Sandals?

Sandals are strictly adults only all inclusive resorts. Sorry no kids allowed.

The reason for making them adults only is to make your holiday as romantic and relaxing as possible. Therefore only couples may stay at Sandals resorts.

But there is an alternative to Sandals, if you’re looking to take your kids to a similar standard all inclusive resort. Beaches, which was also created by Sandals, includes very similar quality and luxury at locations in the Caribbean. But Beaches Resorts are for all the family to enjoy.

Also, and just like Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts offer scuba diving to certified scuba divers for free.

Can I go to Sandals if I’m single?

The FAQs page on Sandals is slightly confusing, but let’s clear this up here. Sandals all inclusive resorts are for couples only. But if you’re in a wedding party, then singles in the party are permitted to stay. But the group must be an even number.

The singles in your group must be prepared to share a king sized bed in their room.

What’s included at in their all-inclusive price?

There are many great things included at Sandals resorts. Some of what’s included are not found at any other resort, including free scuba diving.

The following a list is of what’s included in Sandals Resort all-inclusive price package:

  • Luxurious accommodation at all resorts.
  • All meals, anytime snacks and fine dining.
  • Scuba diving for certified scuba divers –  you will need to bring your certification card and dive log.
  • Golf in Jamaica and Saint Lucia.
  • Sailing, wind surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, stand up paddle boards
  • Complimentary lessons for all water sport activities.
  • Various land sports.
  • Beach towels.
  • Wi-Fi at all resorts in all public areas and in all room categories.
  • A basic wedding package is included in the price.
  • All airport transfers. Plus discover some of the upgrade possibilities at some resorts to Rolls Royce and Mercedes chauffeur driven transfers.
  • All top–shelf drinks from premium spirits to top-rated Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks wines. These alcoholic beverages are always on the house and available 24/7.
  • All tips, gratuities and hotel taxes.

What you may need to pay in addition to the all-inclusive package at Sandals?

There are a few things that are not included at Sandals Resorts. These include the following items:

  • Spa treatments.
  • Optional tours are not included.
  • Golf caddies, which are mandatory for golfers are an additional charge.
  • Whilst their resident nurse’s services are complimentary, there is a charge for medication and doctor’s consultations should those be necessary during your stay.
  • Items purchased in the gift shop need to be paid for separately.
  • Transportation to other locations other than airport transfers.
  • Phone calls to outside of the resort.
  • Scuba certification or refresher courses will all need to be paid.

Will I be able to drink the water?

All of the Sandals resorts have water filtration plants. This means the water in the rooms can be drunk from the tap. But in most room categories bottle water is included too.

Caribbean seas and what to expect

The visibility in mostly good. The waters are warm year-round, but be mindful of the hurricane season . Hurricanes tend to form any time between June and November.

For more about the best time to visit the Caribbean, there’s a handy table on this article about Bahamas liveaboard diving. The table includes information about air and sea temperatures, as well as rainfall for the 12 months.

In the Eastern Caribbean the hurricane season tends to be at its most likely between mid-August and mid-September. Whereas in the Western Caribbean, the season picks up in mid-September and can stretch into early November.

Hurricanes in the early part of the season have sometimes been know to hit in May. Also these can happen in mid to late-November, but are quite rare.

I hope you enjoyed this article about all inclusive holidays with free scuba diving

I’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your adventures of diving and snorkeling, in the comments below. Please also share your photos. Either from your underwater cameras or videos from your waterproof Gopro’s!

If this article hasn’t answered all of your questions. If you have more questions either about snorkeling or scuba diving (or specifically about all inclusive holidays with free scuba diving), please comment below with your questions.

There will also be many more articles about scuba diving (and snorkeling) for you to read and learn about these fabulous sports.

Have fun and be safe!

All Inclusive Holidays With Free Scuba Diving (Scuba Diving Package Holidays)

Article written by Russell Bowyer who has been a scuba diver since diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in 1989. After his first dive he trained as a BSAC diver in the UK. He attained his Diver Leader certification with BSAC. He then went on to become a scuba diving instructor, teaching others how to dive and was voted as Diving Officer and Treasurer for the Saffron Walden BSAC club too. Russell has dived all over the world, including the UK, on liveaboards in the Red Sea, the Caribbean, South Africa and the USA. Russell is experienced in all dive types, including drift diving, deep dives that involved decompression stops and recreational dives too.

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