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Micronesia Liveaboard Diving

Liveaboard Diving On The Ghost Fleet Of Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon On World War II Wrecks

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Liveaboard Diving in Micronesia

Micronesia liveaboard diving is about diving the ghost fleet of Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon on World War II wrecks, Blue Corner drift dive, German Channel with manta rays, or snorkelling in Jelly Fish Lake amongst millions of jellyfish. There are 10 liveaboards to choose for your Micronesia liveaboard trip.

Micronesia is one of those remote locations in the world that makes it a great place for scuba diving, as its unspoilt with pristine marine life.

Liveaboards in Micronesia visit this beautiful group of small islands and take divers on a journey they will never forget. The best place to dive for vibrant corals and an amazing abundance of marine life. Enjoy diving along walls and spectacular drop-offs and discover the history beneath the waves from the wredks from World War I and II.

Micronesia is a wreck diver’s dream, with one of the best known destinations in the region Chuuk/Truk Lagoon with its mass of Japanese World War II wrecks. These wrecks make the area a world class dive destination and perfect for dive liveaboard cruises.

The diving in Micronesia includes two main diving destinations, which are Chuuk/Truk lagoon and Palau.

When you dive in Micronesia you will not only enjoy the underwater world, but you will also enjoy exploring Islands covered in lush forests.

These islands contain over 1,239 species of ferns and flowering plants, of which about 782 are native and over 200 are endemic. But it is when you turn to look at the waters that surrounds the islands of Micronesia when you are mesmerised by turquoise sea lapping against white sand beaches.

The thriving reefs of Micronesia are home to about 1,000 species of fish, over 350 species of hard coral and 1,200 species of molluscs. Not only that, the reefs include top predators including sharks, larger groupers, snappers and jacks.

In the winter months (December through March), the Manta diving is exciting, this is the time when you see small groups of mating manta rays.

The manta rays in Micronesia are frequently seen on drift dives transiting the channels (including German Channel), plus thy are occasional spotted on outer reefs. Manta rays in Micronesia are mostly found at shallow cleaning stations where divers get close to the circling rays.

You will also enjoy swimming with millions of jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake, plus you’ll get to explore the caves at Chandelier caves and then have fun on a drift dive with huge schools of fish at Blue Corner.

All of the above makes Micronesia the perfect dive spot to explore on a liveaboard.

Table of Micronesia Liveaboards

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Discover LiveaboardCustomer ReviewsPrice Per Day
Review: MV Ocean Hunter 3; Book: MV Ocean Hunter 3 9.8 Exceptional from £330; $403; €376
Review: MV Black Pearl; Book: MV Black Pearl 9.4 Superb from £209; $255; €238
Review: MV Palau Aggressor II; Book: MV Palau Aggressor II 9.3 Superb from £188; $229; €214
Review: MV Rock Islands Aggressor; Book: MV Rock Islands Aggressor 9.3 Superb from £208; $254; €237
Review: MY Solitude One; Book: MY Solitude One 9.2 Superb from £218; $266; €249
Review: Solomons PNG Master (Taka); Book: Solomons PNG Master (Taka) 9.2 Superb from £246; $300; €280
Review: Palau Siren; Book: Palau Siren 9.2 Superb from £304; $371; €347

Note: The above “Price Per Day” was correct at the time of producing this article, as was the exchange rate used to convert the GBP cost to US Dollars and Euros. For an up-to-date cost for your chosen liveaboard, please visit the “Book” link above.

Dive Sites And Areas Of Micronesia

There are two main areas to dive in Micronesia, which include Palau and Chuuk/Truk Lagoon. Paula is well known for Rock Islands, whereas Chuuk or Truk Lagoon is known for its World War II wrecks and artefacts.

Palau Diving

Palau is on many scuba diver’s bucket list. Popular dive sites in this area of Micronesia include Iro Maru Wreck, Peleliu, German Channel and the famous Blue Corner.

Blue Corner Diving

Blue Corner is located in the south west reef of the Rock Islands. Blue Corner is well known for being a top drift dive due the strong currents. It is the result of these strong currents that attract the fish and helps make the reefs flourish. In fact Blue Corner has some of the largest schools of fish in the world.

German Channel Diving

German Channel is a channel that was created by the Germans which was to transport phosphorous from the lagoon to the ocean back in the early 1900’s. The best dive site is located at the south west mouth of the channel, which is one of the best places in the world to see manta rays.

Iro Maru Wreck Dive

Iro Maru Wreck is one of the many Japanese wrecks that were sunk in 1944 during World War II. Iro Maru Wreck is the most famous wreck dive in Palau which has created its own coral garden which has an abundance of coral fish life.

Jelly Fish Lake Diving

Jelly Fish is all about swimming or snorkelling amongst millions of jellyfish. But don’t worry, as these jellyfish don’t have stingers. Jelly Fish Lake is an isolated lake on the island of Eil Malk in Palau.

Chandelier Caves Dive

Chandelier Caves are filled with stalactites and stalagmites, and are what give these caves their name as they sparkle like chandeliers.

Chuuk or Truk Lagoon Diving

Truk/Chuuk Lagoon was once an Imperial Japanese naval base in World War II where over 60 ships and 200 aeroplanes were sunk by American Forces during Operation Hailstone in 1944. This sunken graveyard created around 50 wreck dive sites and is known as the wreck dive Mecca of the world.

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