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Scuba Diving Myrtle Beach: Scuba Diving Prices + Best Dives

You can scuba diving Myrtle Beach with two companies including Coastal Scuba in North Myrtle Beach and Express Watersports in South Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach scuba diving includes diving on wrecks and artificial reefs with depths from 9-43 metres (30-140 ft) for beginners to advanced divers.

Is There Good Snorkeling In Myrtle Beach: Visibility and Safety

Myrtle Beach isn’t very good for snorkeling, as the visibility is terrible due to the agitation of the water cause by wave action and large tidal swings. What adds to the murky water is the many rivers that feed into the sea in this area, which would make your snorkeling adventure disappointing.

Brothers Shark Attack: Oceanic Whitetip Shark Attacks Diver

The Red Sea Brothers shark attack by an oceanic whitetip shark on a scuba diver is very rare and could’ve been prevented. The Brothers shark attack could have been avoided if the diver was vertical in the water, kept his eyes on the shark and joined a group of divers to be intimidating to the shark.

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