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Do Wetsuits Protect From Sun Ultra Violet Rays?

Can you get a sunburn through a wetsuit? Wetsuits do protect you from the sun as the wetsuit’s neoprene creates a layer and a barrier over your skin to stop the sun’s harmful ultra violet light rays from damaging your skin, as well as keeping you warm. To get complete protection from the sun using a wetsuit it needs to be a full wetsuit.

Do Wetsuits Protect Against Jellyfish Stings?

Can jellyfish sting through wetsuit? A wetsuit will protect you against jellyfish stings as a wetsuit’s neoprene provides a protective layer over your skin which jellyfish stings cannot penetrate. But be careful with any exposed skin around your face, or with your arms and legs when wearing a shorty as these areas may still get stung.

Do You Get Seasick On A Liveaboard (7 Ways To Avoid Seasickness)

If you suffer from sea sickness it’s possible to get seasick on a liveaboard. Whether you get seasick on a liveaboard depends on how badly you suffer from sea sickness, sea conditions on your trip, size and stability of the liveaboard and if you take sea sickness medication or remedies on your trip.

What Happens If You Run Out Of Air While Scuba Diving?

If you run out of air while scuba diving, you should turn to your dive buddy and use their alternate air source (or octopus air supply), buddy breath and ascend. If your buddy isn’t close enough for buddy breathing, your alternative is an emergency ascent, unless you have a redundant air source.

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