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What Is The Benefit Of A Rebreather: 10 Advantages Of Rebreathers

The main benefits of using a rebreather include no bubbles and reduced noise levels so you get closer to marine life, longer no-stop decompression dive times, reduced dehydration as the gas breathed is moist and improved safety with a reduced risk of decompression sickness.

How Tight Should A Drysuit Be? With a dry suit fitting guide

A drysuit should be a snug fit with room for insulation undergarments under it so you can still move freely when you’re wearing it. You should not experience too much restriction on movement with layering under the drysuit, as this would indicate the drysuit is too tight. But if there is no resistance to movement, the drysuit may not be tight enough.

Wetsuit Temperature Guide Scuba Diving (Celsius And Fahrenheit)

When you consider any guide to choice of wetsuit and water temperature, you must consider your own personal tolerance to the cold. In addition to how easily you feel the cold, also consider the topside conditions between dives on your dive interval. But also take account of the depth of your dive too.

Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter (With Smart Phone Mount)

The Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter pulls divers or snorkelers along using two electric-powered propellers. The battery life of the Mix Pro’s removable lithium-ion battery life is the same as that of the WhiteShark, which is claimed as 60 minutes per 2-hour charge. With an amazing maximum depth rating of 40 meters (131 feet). Plus it has a smartphone mount too!

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