Why use a diving torch scuba diving (It’s not just for night diving)

Your underwater dive torch or flashlight is key diving equipment

It may seem a strange question “why use a diving torch scuba diving?” But for me, I take my dive torch on nearly every dive, not just night dives. The reason is that underwater, the sun’s rays diminish the colours you can see. Everything looks brown when it’s not. But spot the difference in the image below!!

Always take a dive torch or light on every scuba dive

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Underwater dive torches form an important part of your scuba diving equipment. A dive torch isn’t only for night diving or cage dives either. But rather it’s recommended to take an underwater torch on all dives. As you go deeper beneath the water’s surface the colours around you will disappear. Having a torch will help you to see the real colours and to illuminate your way in the dark.

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Why use a diving torch scuba diving?

Having a torch underwater (or dive light) is a must-have piece of diving equipment. Most divers only carry a torch for night dives or for cave diving. However, a torch is also great to have on daytime scuba dives too.

As you descend on a dive the colours are lost. This is as a result of the sun’s rays not penetrating the depths. So a torch can be used to illuminate things to bring back their colour. This is shown in the above image where you can see two lion fish.

Notice the two Red Lionfish in the above image. Well one’s red and the other one almost fades into the background. It’s amazing what extra things and colours you see with a dive torch or light.

A torch is also useful for looking into holes, caves and crevices to look for underwater creatures. A torch is also a must have on wreck dives for looking into and illuminating the wreck.

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