Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter (With Smart Phone Mount)

Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter With Smart Phone Mount
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Take your smart phone underwater with the new Sublue Mix Pro

If you want to speed through the water with an underwater scooter, then the New Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter has to be a contender!

The Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter pulls divers or snorkelers along using two electric-powered propellers. The battery life of the Mix Pro’s removable lithium-ion battery is 60 minutes per 2-hour charge; the same as the WhiteShark. Amazing maximum depth 40 meters (131 feet). Plus it has a smartphone mount too!

Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter – The specifications

Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter - The specifications

The specifications of the Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter are as follows:

  • Designed to pull snorkelers and divers along underwater.
  • Has two electric-motor-powered propellers.
  • Has a lithium-ion battery that takes 2 hours to charge. This sets it apart from most underwater scooters on the market.
  • Claimed to have a claimed 60 minutes per 2-hour charge like the Whiteshark Mix (also made by Sublue).
  • Depth rating is to 40 metres (131 feet).
  • NEW FEATURE – Has a SmartPhone Mount to take your latest pictures and video underwater. This will capture exactly what you see on your dive! This compares to the GoPro mount from the WhiteShark, which is also still there on the Mix Pro.
  • There scooter’s battery level and current speed are displayed on a built-in color LED screen.
  • The Mix Pro has a slightly higher top speed from the WhiteShark Mix at 1.8 meters per second (or 4 mph).This compares to the WhiteShark’s 1.5 metres per second (3.4 mph).
  • Or set the Mix Pro to a slower, more energy-efficient speed of 1.2 metres per second (2.7 mph).
  • The Mix Pro has a detachable buoyancy tank. Ideal for novice divers who can explore to depths of 5 metres (16 feeT) with the buoyancy tank. Whereas more experienced divers or snorkelers can go deeper without the buoyancy tank and remove it.
  • The weight is about 2 kg (4.5 lb).

How to get your Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter

Presently we are awaiting a launch date. Sublue are unveiling the Mix Pro in Las Vegas next week (i.e. week commencing 6 January 2020). It’s hoped by then we’ll have a price for this amazing bit of underwater diving kit!

I will update when it becomes available for you to buy.

Price expected to be between the price of a WhiteShark Mix around £599 or around $549 and the SeaBow at £1,099-£1,499 in the UK or $999-$1,399 in the USA.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter

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Have fun and be safe!

Sublue Mix Pro Underwater Scooter (With Smart Phone Mount)

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