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Buddy commando BCD review (Nearly 30 years without failure)

Buddy Commando Profile BCD that has lasted for nearly 30 years without breakage or failure. It was only in the 29th year when diving in Barbados that the shoulder clips broke. This happened when donning the BCD which was attached to a 15 litre dive tank.

What Is The Difference Between A Wetsuit And A Drysuit?

The main difference between a wetsuit and a drysuit is that in a wet suit you get wet, whereas a drysuit keeps you dry. Other differences include; drysuits are designed to be used in colder waters and tend to be more expensive than wet suits. Plus a drysuit can also be used for buoyancy control instead of using your buoyant control device, whereas a wet suit can’t.

What is a delayed surface marker buoy? (Safety diving equipment)

A delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB), is similar to a surface marker buoy except that it’s deployed at the end of your dive vs used for the duration of the dive. A DSMB, which is also known as a decompression buoy or a deco buoy, are often used for safe diving ascents from depth on decompression stop dives. They are also used to indicate a diver’s position on ascent. This helps the dive boat skipper spot divers on the surface, especially in seas with a big swell.

What is a surface marker buoy used for? (Safety diving equipment)

When it comes to scuba diving safety, a surface marker buoy is an essential piece of scuba diving equipment. A surface marker buoy (SMB or a Blob) remains on the surface for the duration of the dive, which is connected by a nylon line to a reel the diver holds. The surface marker indicates the diver’s position to the dive boat skipper at the surface, whilst the diver is underwater. Surface marker buoys are particularly used for safety during drift diving.

Why use a diving torch scuba diving (It’s not just for night diving)

Underwater dive torches form an important part of your scuba diving equipment. A dive torch isn’t only for night diving or cage dives either. But rather it’s recommended to take an underwater torch on all dives. As you go deeper beneath the water’s surface the colours around you will disappear. Having a torch will help you to see the real colours and to illuminate your way in the dark.

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