Heian Maru Wreck Of Truk Lagoon (Details Of Truk Lagoon Wrecks)

Heian Maru Wreck - Truk or Chuuk Lagoon - The Name Plaque On its Bow larger

Heian Maru was a Converted submarine tender and was sunk during Operation Hailstone

This short article about the Heian Maru wreck is to provide you with a few basic details about this Japanese World War II ship. The Heian Maru is one of the many Truk Lagoon wrecks for scuba divers to dive in Chuuk Lagoon.

Truk Lagoon wreck Heian Maru was sunk by American aircraft at Chuuk Lagoon during Operation Hailstorm in 1944. The Heian Maru is the largest of Chuuk’s “Ghost Fleet” wrecks and was a converted submarine tender, but originally a Japanese ocean liner weighing 11,614 tons and 155 metres (510 ft) long.

Truk Lagoon is the name these Pacific lagoons and islands were named in 1944 when they were in Japanese occupation. However, the name of Truk Lagoon was renamed in 1990 to Chuuk Lagoon.

Scuba divers seem to use these two names synonymously. Whilst the correct name is Chuuk Lagoon, at the time these Japanese ships were sunk it was named Truk Lagoon.

The wrecks are now dived by scuba divers from across the world.

Details of Heian Maru the largest Truk Lagoon wreck

  • Heian Maru was a Japanese ocean liner launched in 1930.
  • Heian Maru was a converted submarine tender.
  • Weight of 11,614 tons.
  • She was 155 metres (510 feet) in length.
  • Had a beam of 20 metres (66 feet).
  • The Heian Maru is the largest of all the Truk Lagoon Wrecks.
  • Maximum dive depth of 34 metres (110 feet).
  • Minimum dive depth of 15 metres (50 feet).

The word ‘Maru’ in Japanese ship naming protocol designates a merchant vessel. Ironically the Heian Maru operated NYK line’s trans-Pacific service between Yokohama and Seattle, USA before the war.

It was only just before the outbreak of the Pacific War of World War II that this commercial liner was requisitioned by the Imperial Japanese Navy to be converted into an auxiliary submarine tender.

Comments on Heian Maru ship wreck

  • Largest wreck in Truk lagoon.
  • Heian Maru has a large deck gun on the stern.
  • She lies 457 metres (500 yards) west of Tonoas (Dublon).
  • To see the location of the Heian Maru on a map, please follow this link to: Truk Lagoon wreck map.
  • A passenger-Cargo Ship, she was built in 1930 at a cost of $15,000,000 (which in today’s terms would be $227,000,000!).

To understand more about what happened at Truk Lagoon, please take a read of this article what happened at Truk Lagoon in 1944.

Heian Maru Truck Lagoon wreck video

This is a video of Heian Maru truck Lagoon wreck.

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Heian Maru Wreck Of Truk Lagoon (Details Of Truk Lagoon Wrecks)

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