Do Tiger Sharks Like To Be Petted Like a Dog? (Are Tiger Sharks Friendly)

Do tiger sharks like to be petted large

When you think of sharks you don’t automatically think about petting them like a dog. Which leads to the question in this article do tiger sharks like to be petted?

Tiger shark Tarantino at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas likes to be petted like a dog by shark conservationist Jim Abernethy. But not all tiger sharks like to be petted, so don’t rush out and start petting them yourself.

Jim Abernethy has removed over 80 hooks from sharks in the past 10 years. These close encounters with sharks has lead him to build a unique bond with certain individuals.

He now believes that sharks respond to affection in a similar way to dogs. It is the tiger shark that seems to love being petted the most, as it comes back repeatedly for this affection many times over.

Do tiger sharks respond to affection?

Tiger shark Tarantino responds to affection and you’ll see in the video below how Jim rubs the nose of this 10 foot tiger shark. This tiger shark, known as Tarantino, can be found at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas.

To find out more about how to scuba dive Tiger Beach by liveaboard, please take a read of this article Bahamas Tiger Beach diving liveaboard.

You may also be interested to learn about whether there are tiger sharks in the Maldives too. Plus the other place in the world where you can dive with tiger sharks.

Are tiger sharks friendly?

Tiger sharks are known to be friendly and curious creatures, but beware as they are responsible for more recorded attacks on humans than any shark except the great white.

Is it safe to touch a shark?

You have to assume that it’s unsafe to touch a shark when scuba diving. This includes the relatively docile nurse shark. It’s important to be a responsible diver when you enter the water with sharks and act with caution.

Touching a shark could provoke an attack, so you are best to look and not touch. As shown in this video below of a nurse shark biting a diver’s mouth who gets careless and too close to the shark.

How to pet a shark?

If you want to know how to pet a shark like Jim Abernethy I suggest you don’t. This encounter of a friendly tiger shark that enjoys being petted like a dog is rare. If you think you might be able to do the same you may get injured, as sharks are unpredictable and dangerous when provoked.

An example of how this can go wrong is shown in the the video below when a great white shark warns an irresponsible scuba diver who touches the shark.

Great white sharks are more aggressive than tiger sharks, but they are similarly inquisitive and can be extremely bold.

But then you may be interested to watch Ocean Ramsey with a 20 foot great white shark off Hawaii. Ocean Ramsey and a team of divers were studying tiger sharks off of Oahu, Hawaii when they encountered this enormous great white shark.

Watch as the large female great white shark allows Ocean Ramsey to caress her skin and touch her fins.

Can you pet a great white shark?

I’m not sure this counts as petting a great white shark. It looks like this great white shark is trying to bite the man’s hand as he touches its nose and side of its head. What do you think? Please comment below.

I hope you enjoyed this article about do tiger sharks like to be petted?

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There will also be many more articles about scuba diving (and snorkeling) for you to read and learn about these fabulous sports.

Have fun and be safe!

Do Tiger Sharks Like To Be Petted Like a Dog? (Are Tiger Sharks Friendly)

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