Caribbean Liveaboard Dive Boats Comparison Chart

Caribbean Liveaboard Dive Boats Comparison Chart
Cuan Law BVI liveaboard – Image courtesy of

Scuba diving the Caribbean is about beautiful warm blue seas and fantastic sea life. But each Caribbean Island is different and what you experience as a scuba diver will depend on where you dive. Which is why it’s important to have a Caribbean liveaboard dive boat comparison chart to help you decide, together with a table of what type of diving to expect from each Caribbean Island.

Popular Caribbean liveaboard dive boats
Bahamas Master Liveaboard – Image courtesy of

Popular Caribbean liveaboard dive boats:

  1. Aqua Cat Liveaboard – Bahamas catamaran liveaboard rated 9.2 out of 10.
  2. Avalon II Liveaboard – Cuban liveaboard rated 9.0 out of 10 diving the beautiful and famous Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen) Marine Park.
  3. Bahamas Master – Bahamas liveaboard rated 9.0 out of 10 diving with hammerheads and tiger sharks on the Tiger Shark Experience at the famous Tiger Beach.

The following comparison chart of Caribbean liveaboard dive boats is in alphabetical order by “Caribbean Liveaboard“, but you can easily re-sort the table by clicking the arrows at the top of the column you want to sort by instead. For example, if you would like to sort by Caribbean Island, by “Flexible Booking” or by “Nitrox Onboard“, click the double arrow at the top of this column.

Caribbean Liveaboard Dive Boats Comparison Table
Avalon II Liveaboard from Cuba – Image courtesy of

Caribbean Liveaboard Dive Boats Comparison Table

Caribbean Liveaboard Dive BoatCaribbean IslandReview Rating Out of 10Cost Per Day (From Price)EnquireReviewFlexible BookingNitroxDive CoursesDietVeganVegetarianMax Guests
EnsuitesAir Con CabinsSeaview CabinsMin Trip NightsMax Trip NightsInternetLiveaboard LengthFamily FriendlyNon-Diver FriendlyOther ActivitesSidemount DivingRebreather FriendlyTech Diver FriendlyMin ExperienceMin Logged Dives
Aqua Cat LiveaboardBahamas9.2£170/$231/€190EnquireReviewYesPaidYesYesYesYes30/11/13YesYesYes77No31m/102fYesYesKayaksYesNoNoOW0
Avalon I LiveaboardCuba0.0£260/$354/€291EnquireReviewNoNoNoYesNoYes18/08/06YesYesNo77No36m/118fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Avalon II LiveaboardCuba9.0£271/$369/€304EnquireReviewNoPaidNoYesNoYes20/10/10YesYesNo77No40m/131fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Bahamas Aggressor LiveaboardBahamas8.7£156/$212/€175EnquireReviewNoPaidYesYesNoNo14/06/09YesYesNo67No30m/100fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Bahamas Master LiveaboardBahamas9.0£270/$367/€302EnquireReviewYesPaidYesYesNoYes16/08/08YesYesYes514No35m/115fNoYesNoNoYesNoAOW50
Belize Aggressor III LiveaboardBelize9.1£208/$283/€233EnquireReviewNoPaidYesYesNoNo18/09/09YesYesNo77No34m/110fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Belize Aggressor IV LiveaboardBelize9.0£215/$292/€241EnquireReviewNoPaidYesYesNoNo20/10/13YesYesNo77No42m/138fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Blackbeards Morning Star LiveaboardBahamas9.2£106/$144/€119EnquireReviewYesNoYesYesYesYes24/18/03NoYesNo66No20m/65fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Blackbeards Sea Explorer LiveaboardBahamas9.2£106/$144/€119EnquireReviewYesNoNoYesYesYes18/18/03NoYesNo66No20m/65fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Caribbean Explorer II LiveaboardSaba St. Kitts9.0£152/$207/€170EnquireNot YetYesPaidYesYesYesYes18/09/09YesYesNo77No35m/115fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Caribbean Explorer II LiveaboardSt. Maarten9.0£152/$207/€170EnquireNot YetYesPaidYesYesYesYes18/09/09YesYesNo77No35m/115fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Cat Ppalu LiveaboardBahamas0.0£184/$250/€206EnquireNot YetYesNoYesYesYesYes12/06/02NoNoYes66No20m/65fNoYesKayaks, Stand Up Paddleboard, FishingNoNoNoOW0
Cayman Aggressor IV LiveaboardCayman Islands9.3EnquireEnquireNot YetNoPaidYesYesNoNo18/09/09YesYesYesEnquireEnquireNo34m/110fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Cayman Aggressor V LiveaboardCayman Islands9.0£269/$366/€301EnquireNot YetYesPaidYesYesNoNo20/10/10YesYesYes77No37m/120fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Cuan Law LiveaboardVirgin Islands10.0£328/$446/€367EnquireNot YetYesNoYesYesYesYes20/10/10YesYesYes66Free32m/105fNoYesKayaksNoNoNoOW0
Jardines Avalon Fleet 1 LiveaboardCuba0.0£271/$369/€304EnquireNot YetNoPaidNoYesYesYes20/10/12YesYesYes77No34m/110fNoYesStand Up PaddleboardNoNoNoOW0
Jardines Avalon Fleet 2 LiveaboardCuba0.0£271/$369/€304EnquireNot YetNoPaidNoYesYesYes24/12/14YesYesYes77No43m/140fNoYesStand Up PaddleboardNoNoNoOW0
Jardines Avalon III LiveaboardCuba0.0£271/$369/€304EnquireNot YetNoPaidNoYesYesYes30/15/16YesYesYes77No55m/180fNoYesStand Up Paddleboard, Kayaks, FishingNoNoNoOW0
Phoenix LiveaboardBahamas8.5£164/$223/€184EnquireReviewYesNoYesYesYesYes08/04/04YesYesNo66Paid14m/46fNoNoFishingNoNoNoOW0
Sea Hunter LiveaboardDominican Republic9.2£353/$480/€395EnquireNot YetNoFreeNoYesYesYes20/10/10YesYesYes1011No35m/115fNoNoNoYesYesYesAOW50
Turks & Caicos Aggressor II LiveaboardDominican Republic9.1£195/$265/€218EnquireNot YetNoPaidNoYesNoNo18/09/10YesYesNo77No37m/120fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Turks and Caicos Aggressor II LiveaboardTurks and Caicos9.1£195/$265/€218EnquireNot YetNoPaidYesYesNoNo18/09/10YesYesNo77No37m/120fNoYesNoNoNoNoOW0
Turks and Caicos Explorer LiveaboardTurks and Caicos9.0£205/$279/€230EnquireNot YetYesPaidYesYesYesYes20/10/10YesYesYes77No38m/124fNoYesLand excursionsNoNoNoOW0
Caribbean Diving Liveaboard notes:
1. The exchange rate used for GBP to USD 1.36 and GBP to Euro 1.12.
2. If you love one of these Caribbean liveaboard dive boats, but the price is above your budget, please always check the most up to date cost of the trip by clicking on the "Enquire" link, as there may be special offers or a significant price change for a specific Caribbean liveaboard dive boats not yet reflected in the above table of Caribbean liveaboards.
3. The 'Cost per day' column will make it easy to sort these Caribbean liveaboard dive boats by cost, but these prices may vary when you visit to book. The prices listed are a cost guide and were correct at the time of compiling this table.
4. Under review rating '0.0' means no rating received at the time of compiling the table.
5. To scroll on desktop select table and use arrow keys. On touch screen including mobile devices scroll the table using the screen.
6. Min dive certification: OW = Open Water Diver. AOW = Advanced Open Water Diver.
7. When the minimum logged dives has "enquire" this usually means the number of minimum dives varies by trip.
8. Blackbeards Morning Star and Blackbeards Sea Explorer have bunk cabins.
Scuba Diving Experience By Caribbean Island
Aqua Cat Caribbean liveaboard dive boat – Image courtesy of

Table of the type of scuba diving to expect from each Caribbean Island.

Scuba Diving Experience By Caribbean Island

Caribbean IslandNumber of Dive SitesWrecksWall DivingFind Out MoreBest ForGeographyVisibilityNotable Dive SitesSea Creatures
Bahamas700 islands offers plenty of dive sitesYes (Austin Smith Wreck)YesDiscover moreShark diving, especially tiger sharks at Tiger BeachAn archipelago consisting of 700 islandsCrystal clear watersExuma Cays, The Washing Machine, Cathedral, Jeep Reef, Austin Smith Wreck, Tiger Beach, Lost Blue Hole, Fish Hotel.Tiger sharks, lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, bull sharks, hammerheads, nurse shark, oceanic whitetip
BelizeWith the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere there are plenty of dive sitesYes (Sayonara)YesDiscover moreLargest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere with shallow coral gardensShallow coral gardens to plunging wallsAlways goodAmazing Belize Barrier Reef, Blue Hole, Turneffe Atoll Reef, Lighthouse Reef, Half Moon Caye, Glover's Reef, The Elbow, Long Caye Wall, Grand Bogue, Silver Caves, Tarpon CaveWhale sharks (April to June), gigantic shoals of trevallies, snappers, black-tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, garden eels, stingrays, hogfish, parrotfish, queen triggerfish, goliath grouper, schools of horse-eyed jacks, Atlantic spadefish, eagle rays, turtles, spotted eagle rays
Cayman IslandsOver 350 dive sitesYes (USS Kittiwake)YesDiscover moreSheer vertical drop offs and wall divesAll three islands are the outcrops of a submarine mountain range known as the Cayman RidgeClearest in the Caribbean due to the absence of rivers and streamsUSS Kittiwake, Trinity Caves, Bloody Wall, Big Tunnel, Stingray City, North Wall.Hammerhead sharks, nurse sharks, stingrays, seahorses, turtles, eels, eagle rays, groupers.
Cuba580 islets so plenty of dive sitesYes (Russian guard frigate BP 385 MONCADA)NoDiscover moreJardines de la Reina and Cuba's reefs have been astonishingly well preservedCuban is an archipelago that is 1200 km long and 210 km wide with a total land area of 110,992 km2Always fabulousJardines de la Reina (Pipin, Farallon, Vicente, Black Coral I and II, Avalon). Canarreos Archipelago (Cienfuegos, Rancho Luna, Cayo Guano Del Este, Cayo Trabuco, Cayo Rosario, Cayo Sigua).Reef sharks, hammerheads, turtles, eagle rays, groupers, barracuda, nurse sharks and salt water crocodiles.
Dominican RepublicJust Silver BanksNoNoDiscover moreSnorkelling with humpback whalesShallow underwater bank of more than 1500 square kilometresGoodSilver Bank (For snorkelling with breeding Humpbacks)Humpback whales (January to March)
Saba St. KittsWide variety of dive sitesYes (Double Wreck, Charles L Brown)YesDiscover moreCoral gardens, reefs and drop offsActive volcanic island with walls, dropoffs and volcanic canyonsAverage visibility of 20 metresMonkey Shoals, Third Encounter, The Eye of the Needle, Diamond Rock, St. Eustatius (The Cliffs, Double Wreck, Hangover Reef, Grand Canyon, Barracuda Reef, Mushroom Garden, Charles L Brown, Blue Bead Hole)Nurse sharks, turtles, dolphins, black-tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, eagle rays, barracuda, long snout seahorse, dolphin fish, frogfish, barracuda, lobsters, porcupine fish, drumfish, flying gurnards
St. Maarten (St. Martin)Variety of dive sites across St. Maarten (30), Saba and St. KittsYes (HMS Proselyte, River Taw Wreck)YesDiscover moreCoral encrusted wrecks on the Dutch side, to colourful reefs on the French side of the islandMost sites around the entire island are fairly shallow, around 60 feet (18 m) or less. rock formations that create maze-like structures for divers to explore, with plenty of overhangs, tunnels and ledges.MixedCharlie's Shoal, Big Mama's reef, Saba (Twilight Zone, Louís Ladder, Third Encounter, Hot Springs, and Man of War Shoals), St. Kitts (Sandy point, St. Peters, Coconut Tree Reef, Black Coral Reef, and Brimstone Hill Shallow)Nurse sharks, reef sharks, starfish, lobsters, blue crabs, seahorses, surgeon fish, grouper, trumpetfish, tarpon, filefish, barracuda, moray eels, trunkfish, turtles, humpback whales (February to June), dolphins, stingray, big grouper, stonefish
Turks and CaicosArchipelago of 40 coral islands offering plenty of dive sitesYes (Endymon, Molasses Reef Wreck)YesDiscover moreFlourishing coral reef ecosystem and spectacular wall divingAn archipelago of 40 coral islands and dramatic ocean topographyMostly excellent visibilityNorth West Point (Black Coral Gardens, The Crack, The Dome, The Hole in the Wall, Shark Hotel, Amphitheater), Grace Bay (Aquarium, Graceland, Grouper Hole, Coral Gables), French Cay, West CaicosCaribbean reef sharks, nurse sharks, Hawksbill turtles, bottlenose dolphins, spotted eagle rays, eels, grunts, snapper, grouper, horse-eyed Jack, blacktip sharks, hammerheads, tiger sharks, manta rays, humpback whales (January to March)
Virgin Islands (British)Wide variety of dive sitesYes (RMS Rhone, Chikuzen)NoDiscover moreLarge schools of tropical fish, incredible reefs and some brilliant wrecksPlenty of reefs and gigantic boulders.Enjoy 18- 30 meters visibilityWreck of the Rhone, Wreck of the Chikuzen, Round Rock, The BlindersLobster, turtles, moray eels, goliath grouper, nurse sharks, bar Jacks, brown chromis, Creole wrasse, snappers and squirrelfish, nurse sharks, hawksbill turtles
Notes on diving experience by Caribbean Island:
1. The St. Maarten (St. Martin) liveaboard also visits and dives Saba St. Kitts.
2. Click on the "Discover more" to discover more about the Caribbean Islands, the liveaboards and reviews.

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Caribbean Liveaboard Dive Boats Comparison Chart

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