Flexible booking liveaboards (148 liveaboards with flexible booking)

Flexible booking liveaboards
Flexible booking liveaboards – Image courtesy of Liveaboard.com

Book a liveaboard trip with confidence in these uncertain times

Depending on where you live you will have been affected by Coronavirus in some way. No one has been able to travel and the world has come to an almost standstill. But having that something special to look forward to, like a diving liveaboard trip will up the spirits. With that in mind, let’s take a look at flexible booking liveaboards from Liveaboard.com.

Flexible booking liveaboards: Choose from 148 flexible booking liveaboards. In these uncertain times during Coronavirus-Covid-19 Liveaboard.com has committed to offer the ability to book your future dive adventures with the best possible terms. They have agreed more flexible terms and conditions with over a third of their liveaboard boat operators.

They have new flexible booking terms and conditions with over a third of their liveaboard boat operators. This allows you to book future dive experiences with confidence.

You can recognise all the participating liveaboard boats by the “Flexible Booking” label.

Flexible booking liveaboards – book with confidence

Liveaboard.com have introduced a Flexible Booking program. They have done this in every effort to provide you with the very best in terms of flexibility for future bookings during this difficult time.

We’ve all been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. Whether this is because you’re locked down at home self isolating or sadly you’ve lost a loved one. Either way, this pandemic has created an uncertain time.

But how about booking a liveaboard trip for something to look forward to. A trip where you can book with confidence that the liveaboard trip comes with complete flexibility.

Many of the liveaboard boats in the Liveaboard.com program have amended their terms to offer more flexibility when booking your next dream dive trip.

You can recognise those liveaboard boats that are participating in the flexible program by the Flexible Booking label at the top of the page, just under the name of the boat and it’s rating..

Judging by all the positive responses to this program, we think you’ll appreciate this addition!

Below you’ll find a selection of liveaboards that are offering more flexible booking terms. Also, some have some attractive discounts too!

Please take a look at your leisure.

Take a look at flexible booking liveaboards in the window below:

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Flexible booking liveaboards (148 liveaboards with flexible booking)

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