What fish can eat sharks (Grouper eats shark whole on deep sea feeding)

What are predators of sharks and what can eat a shark?

What fish can eat sharks - Grouper eats shark whole on deep sea feeding

Have you ever wondered ‘what fish can eat sharks‘? In this short article I include a video of a large grouper eating a shark whole!

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Orcas, which are also known as killer whales, are known to kill and eat sharks. They will even attack and kill great white sharks too. Sharks will also eat other sharks, even their own species. But did you even imagine that large grouper also eat sharks too?

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What fish can eat sharks?

There are probably not many fish that will eat a shark. Especially an adult fully grown shark. But when they are a bit smaller, then that’s a different matter.

It’s known that killer whales will attack and kill great white sharks. Orcas (or killer whales) have also been known to eat mako sharks, plus several other shark species too.

When killer whales hunt sharks they flip the shark upside down. By doing so the shark is rendered useless and goes into a trance. It’s then when the shark is most vulnerable that the killer whale will kill the shark.

Apart from these large whales, there aren’t many other sea creatures that are big enough to eat sharks.

But sharks will eat other sharks and they’ll even eat another of their own species too. But it’s larger sharks like the great white and tiger sharks that will prey on smaller sharks.

But it turns out that grouper have an appetite for younger sharks too.

Grouper eats shark whole on deep sea feeding frenzy

During a deep sea dive off the South Carolina coast, NOAA scientists filmed a shark swallowed whole. This shark was swallowed whole by a grouper.

Watch how these young sharks feed on a saw-fish that’s died and sunk to the bottom. There’s a bit of a feeding frenzy going on by these small sharks.

But it’s not just these sharks that draw the attention of the NOAA scientists.

It’s the appearance of a grouper that had used their submersible for cover. It appears from under the submarine with a shark in its mouth. The shark’s head is inside the grouper.

Then you’ll see how the grouper finally swallows the whole shark. Amazing!

I was amazed at this video, so I wanted to share it.

I hope you enjoyed this article about what fish can eat sharks – seeing a grouper eating a shark whole

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