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<strong>Cayman Islands liveaboards</strong> offer year-round diving, where a week's dive on the Cayman Aggressor IV offers up to 22 dives on all 3 Cayman Islands. The dives on your Caymans Island liveaboard will include Northwall, Southwall and Stingray City in Grand Cayman and Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman.

Cayman Islands Liveaboard Diving

Cayman Liveaboard Diving On All 3 Cayman Islands With Wall Dives, Wreck Dives and Stingray City

Popular Cayman Islands liveaboards

Liveaboard Diving in Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands liveaboard diving is about all three Cayman islands, book the Cayman Aggressor to experience stingrays at Stingray City, dive the USS Kittiwake wreck and North Wall at Grand Cayman, or dive Bloody Bay wall dive at Little Cayman and dive Keith Tibbetts Russian wreck at Cayman Brac.

Liveaboard diving in Cayman Islands offers you the chance to dive the Cayman Islands in comfort. The three islands of the Caymans (Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac) are the outcrops of the Cayman Ridge, which is a submarine mountain range.

It is this submarine mountain range that provide some of the best wall diving in the world with vertical drop-offs at North Wall and Blood Bay Wall. The visibility of the waters around the Cayman Islands are the clearest in the Caribbean, which can be more than 30 metres (100 feet).

During a Caymans Island liveaboard scuba diving trip, your liveaboard will dive the best of all three Cayman Islands. These dives include the Northwall, Southwall and Stingray City in Grand Cayman, Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman. Plus dive the Oro Verde, Doc Poulson, Russian Destroyer and USS Kittiwake wrecks.

Are The Cayman Islands Good For Diving?

The Cayman Islands is good for diving, especially if you like to dive deep drop-offs and wall dives, wreck dives and warm coral reef dives. For example, Grand Cayman’s North Wall plunges to over 1,800 metres (5,900 feet) with the chance to see spotted eagle rays, sharks and sea turtles.

Which Cayman Island Has The Best Diving?

Grand Cayman Island probably has the best diving as it has the North Wall deep drop-off dive and the USS Kittiwake wreck dive. But Little Cayman also has good diving including Bloody Bay Wall dive, which means a Caymans Island liveaboard is the best way to experience all the best Cayman’s diving.

Best Time To Dive The Cayman Island

The Cayman Islands is a year-round diving destination, but you have to be away of the hurricane season that runs from May through November when diving can be disrupted and visibility can be affect.

Are There Sharks In The Cayman Islands?

There are sharks in the Cayman Islands, and the most common shark spotted is the Caribbean reef shark. But other sharks in the Cayman Islands include blacktip reef sharks, great hammerhead sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks, silky sharks and possibly even tiger sharks.

Shark diving in Grand Cayman

Dive Sites And Areas In The Cayman Island

USS Kittiwake Wreck Dive

USS Kittiwake wreck dive is on Grand Cayman and is one of the best-known wreck dives in the Caribbean. The USS Kittiwake was a Chanticleer-class submarine rescue ship and was sunk about 732 metres (800 yards) off Seven Mile Beach to create an artificial reef.

The USS Kittiwake wreck is easily penetrated and depths range from 5 metres (16 feet) to 18 metres (60 feet), making it an ideal wreck dive for all diver skill levels. The visibility on the Kittiwake wreck can sometimes be over 30 metres (100 feet).

Diving USS KITTIWAKE wreck – Grand Cayman Island

Stingray City

Stingray City isn’t a dive, but is an experience with stingrays on a sandbar off Grand Cayman. This is an unforgettable experience as you interact with friendly stingrays, whilst you stand in the shallows. If you are lucky, you man even see Caribbean reef sharks at Stingray City too.

Grand Cayman – Stingray City Sandbar. GoPro HD

Trinity Caves Dive

The Cayman Islands Trinity Caves dive is partly a cave and partly a swim-through off the north west coast of Seven Mile beach in Grand Cayman. The maximum depth of of Trinity Caves is about 26 metres (84 feet) and the water temperature is around 28°C (82°F).

Trinity Caves, Grand Cayman

North Wall Dive

The North Wall dive offers the chance to dive a wall dive where the seabed is almost into an abyss with a sheer vertical drop off where you might be luck and see sharks, spotted eagle rays and turtles. It’s one of those dives where you need to keep you eyes looking into the deep blue, as you never know what you might spot.

Bloody Bay and Bloody Bay Wall Dive

Bloody Bay dive is off Little Cayman and leads to Bloody Bay Wall dive, which was described by Jacques Cousteau as one of the best dives in the world. The Bloody Bay Wall shelves off deeply to an abyss below, where there’s a chance to spot turtles, rays and sharks.

Keith Tibbetts Wreck Dive

The Keith Tibbetts wreck was a 100 metre (330 feet) long Russian missile frigate is a dive site off Cayman Brac Island. The Keith Tibbetts operated out of Cuba during the Cold War that was acquired by the Cayman Islands government to be purposely sunk as an artificial reef and dive site.

The Keith Tibbetts wreck is at a depth of 20-30 metres (66-100 feet), which means it is a good recreational diver dive site.

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