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Epica Indonesia Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving Review

Liveaboard Review Introduction

Image courtesy of; for more information click here: Epica
Liveaboard Quick Review The Epica Liveaboard is a 24m (79f) Indonesia Raja Ampat diving safari boat for up to 12 guests enjoying 6 cabins and 2 bathrooms. This Indonesia liveaboard has a customer review rating of 9.3 out of 10 and is rated 'Superb'.
Liveaboard Review Tips If you are looking for a superb Indonesian liveaboard diving safari, a great choice is the Epica diving liveaboard. Here's our quick 7 review tips of why you might like to book this Indonesia diving liveaboard boat:
1. Customer Rating The Epica liveaboard has a customer review rating of 9.3 out of 10, and is rated "Superb".
2. Scuba Diving Earth Luxury Rating Summary Diver Benefits: 8 out of 9, Liveaboard Design: 4 out of 9, Cabin Luxury: 1 out of 7, Onboard Comfort: 1 out of 7, Food Luxury: 8 out of 11, Drink Luxury: 4 out of 9. This makes an average Total Lux Rating of 26 out of 52 (see below under "Liveaboard Luxury Features Review" for more details).
3. Cost Per Day The Raja Ampat Epica Liveaboard costs from £166 per day ($203/€189)* .
4. Pros A quick list of the main pros of the Epica Liveaboard include: available for charter, caters for dietary requirements, extra flexible booking, flexible booking, diving courses, scuba gear rental.
5. Cons A quick list of the main cons of the Epica Liveaboard include: no Aircon cabins, no Ensuite Cabins, no internet, no nitrox.
6. Liveaboard Capacity The Epica liveaboard is 24 metres (79 feet) long, has 6 cabins and 2 bathrooms, which means it can accommodate up to 12 guests/divers.
7. Booking Itineraries The booking itineraries for the Epica Liveaboard include: 7 Days/6 Nights, 9 Days/8 Nights, 10 Days/9 Nights. (But it's worth checking if more diving itineraries have been added or you can book by click here: Epica).
Booking tips Before you book and pay for your flights, you first need your itinerary dates confirmed for your liveaboard trip. 8 steps to follow: 1. Select an itinerary; 2. Choose a cabin; 3. Select number of people in your party; 4. Enter your email address and confirm; 5. Your trip will be held by the liveaboard operator until your dates are confirmed. 6. You'll receive a booking confirmation by email allowing you 2-3 days before payment is due; 7. Book your flights to Indonesia; 8. Pay for your Epica liveaboard trip.
Discover More To find out more or book the Epica Liveaboard you can do this here: Epica
* Note The above cost per day was correct at the time of producing this article. Also, the exchange rate used for GBP to USD is 1.22 and for GBP to Euro is 1.14. For an up-to-date cost for the Epica Liveaboard, please visit this link: Epica.
Liveaboard main photo
Image courtesy of; for more information click here: Epica

Liveaboard Discounts

Last Minute Liveaboard Deals Before reading more about the Indonesia Epica liveaboard, please take a moment to check any discounts or last minute deals in the list below. (Note: if no liveaboard discounts are listed below, unfortunately this means there are no current deals or discounts available for the Epica dive boat). Please bookmark this page and check back another time. Alternatively, please check this article here: Discounted Liveaboards Offers & Last Minute Deals.
Latest Liveaboard Diving Discounts Updated
0No Deals
    Last Minute Deals Please Note Many of these last minute deals have a time limit for when the discount expires, so when you click any of the links the deal may have already expired. Also, certain terms and conditions may apply to your chosen booking or discounted deal, and to find out what T&Cs apply, please click on the 'Epica' liveaboard link above for your chosen last minute deal.
    Last Minute Liveaboard Deals & Discounts
    Liveaboard Discounts If you're looking for a discounted liveaboard trip on the Epica, it's possible to find liveaboard discounts in excess of 25If no discounts appear above, you may find last minute deals in the itinerary section marked as "Xpecial Discount", as per the above image here: Epica.
    Liveaboard Diving
    Image courtesy of; for more information click here: Epica

    Liveaboard Review Highlights

    Diving Liveaboard Review Indonesia Epica liveaboard review in detail.
    Liveaboard Video Highlight
    Video Title Raja Ampat Part 3: Life on Epica - The journey continues on Scuba Republic's Epica Liveaboard (See part 2 below)
    Flexible Booking This liveaboard has extra flexible booking terms, which means you can book with confidence knowing that this dive boat offers a free trip reschedule within 24 months if you are unable to travel due to Covid19 related restrictions (T & Cs apply).
    Nitrox Diving This liveaboard does not have nitrox available.
    Dietary Requirements Catered For The onboard chefs will cater for specific dietary requirements, e.g. food allergies like gluten or lactose intolerance, and religious beliefs. This means you can enjoy the onboard meals. You are advised to add any dietary requirements to your special requests at step 2 of the booking form, but limit these requests to religious beliefs or food allergies.
    Diving Courses This liveaboard offers diving courses, which means you benefit from being able to advance your diving skills. These training courses are an extra charge.
    Scuba Gear Rental You can rent scuba gear on this dive boat so you benefit from being able travel light and simply rent all your scuba equipment once onboard.
    Internet There is no WIFI or internet available on this liveaboard.
    Ensuite Cabins This liveaboard does not have ensuite cabins, which means you have to share bathroom facilities.
    Aircon Cabins The cabins on this liveaboard do not have air conditioning.
    Private Charter This liveaboard is available for private charter. If you charter this dive boat you have more flexibility over the choice of dive sites (with the captain's approval), the type of diving and total number of divers/guests onboard (subject to the maximum number of guests onboard - see below).
    DIN Adapters If you have DIN regulators do not worry as this liveaboard has DIN to Yoke regulator adaptors onboard.
    Relaxing between dives
    Image courtesy of; for more information click here: Epica

    Liveaboard Luxury Features Review

    Liveaboard Luxury Features The 'Liveaboard Luxury Rating' concept is to help you choose the right diving liveaboard for your Indonesia dive trip. This means you can compare this liveaboard with other liveaboards on a like-for-like basis, and makes choosing the right liveaboard much easier.
    SDE Luxury Rating Total (Max 52/52=100%) The Epica Liveaboard has 26 out of a total of 52 possible benefits and features. This total is made up of the following benefits and features:
    Diver Benefits (Max 9/9=100%) The Epica liveaboard has 8 out of 9 'Diver Benefits' and include: DIN Adapters: YES; Dive Courses: YES; Dive Deck: YES: Gear Rental: YES; Nitrox Onboard: NO; Private Dive Guide: YES; Rinse Hoses: YES; Shaded Dive Area: YES; Tenders For Diving: YES.
    Liveaboard Design (Max 9/9=100%) The Epica liveaboard has 4 out of 9 'Boat Design Features' and include: Airconditioned Saloon: NO; Charging Stations: YES; Custom Built For Diving: YES; Indoor Saloon: NO; Leisure Deck: YES; Observation Deck: NO; Outside Showers: NO; Sun Deck: YES; Warm Showers: NO.
    Cabin Luxury (Max 7/7=100%) The Epica liveaboard has 1 out of 7 'Cabin Features' and include: Air-Conditioned Cabins: NO; Cabin Balconies: NO; Daily Housekeeping: NO; Ensuite cabins: NO; Non-smoking Cabins: YES; Seaview cabins available: NO; TV In Cabin: NO.
    Onboard Comfort (Max 7/7=100%) The Epica liveaboard has 1 out of 7 'Onboard Comfort' features, and include: Beach Towels: NO, Cabin Towels: YES; Complimentary Toiletries: NO; Deck Towels: NO; Internet: NO; Laundry Service: NO; Nearly 1 to 1 Crew-to-Guest Ratio: NO.
    Food Luxury (Max 11/11=100%) The Epica liveaboard has 8 out of 11 'Food Features' and include: BBQ Area: NO; Beach BBQ: NO; Buffet Style: YES; Dietary Requirements Catered For: YES; Fine Cuisine: NO; Local Food: YES; Outdoor Dining: YES; Snacks All Day: YES; Vegan Options: YES; Vegetarian Options: YES; Western Style Food: YES; (Meal options include: Al Fresco Dining, Full-board Option, Set Menu Dinner).
    Drink Luxury (Max 9/9=100%) The Epica liveaboard has 4 out of 9 'Drink Features' and include: Bar: NO; Beer Available: YES; Drinking Water: YES; Fine Wines: NO; Free Soft Drinks: NO; Free Wine With Dinner: NO; Soft Drinks: YES; Tea And Coffee: YES; Wine Available: NO.
    Example of Cabins
    Image courtesy of; for more information click here: Epica

    Customer Reviews of Liveaboard

    Customer Reviews The Epica liveaboard customer reviews listed here have been chosen for you to get a feel for the scuba diving experience you'll get.
    Customer Review

    Amazing trip and so glad I booked onto Epica! Diving amongst huge shoals of fishes, the pristine coral reefs and the astonishing biodiversity. The whole dive team and boat crew were superb too. Loved the little hike up to the viewpoint on Pyanemo island and the beach BBQ on the last night was a nice touch as well.” Recommended for: The dive guides, the boat crew and the fabulous diversity of marine life.

    Customer Review By Geoffrey M, from: United Kingdom scored the Epica 9.6 out of 10; Review courtesy of, for more reviews and information click here: Epica.
    Customer Review

    Epic experience. It is difficult to pinpoint because there were so many. The diving was magical. I have never seen such a variety and great numbers of fish and sea life and the coral/plant life of the reefs were stunning. This is the diving that can bring you to tears of joy. The shore excursions were great too, especially the trip to the Pianemo Viewpoint and the beach BBQ.” Recommended for: Phenomenal diving: from sea creatures to coral and reef variety. Outstanding crew: our dive guides and crew made the trip unforgettable. Quality of the trip for the price cannot be beat.

    Customer Review By Jessica W, from: United States scored the Epica 10 out of 10; Review courtesy of, for more reviews and information click here: Epica.

    Liveaboard Itinerary

    Liveaboard Departure-Arrival Location The Epica Liveaboard departs and returns from the port none selected. Please click here: Epica to find out how to get from to join the Epica Liveaboard's departure port none selected.
    Itinerary and videos The itineraries below for the Epica liveaboard don't necessarily tie in with the videos directly below the itinerary heading. The itineraries are examples of dive trips offered by this liveaboard, and the videos are examples of videos taken when diving from the Epica dive boat.
    Itinerary Option 1 Dampier/Misool Exploration (Waisai - Waisai)
    Itinerary Option 1 Detail
    Itinerary 1 Video
    Itinerary 1 Title Manta Airstrip in Komodo! Manta Rays casually cruising in the Komodo! Epica Liveaboard from Scuba Republic takes divers to meet these beautiful creatures
    Itinerary Option 2 Raja Ampat
    Itinerary Option 2 Detail
    Itinerary 2 Video
    Itinerary 2 Title Raja Ampat Part 2: Diving in Paradise - Here's where the real trip begins. We were staying at Scuba Republic for a few nights then got onto an epic 10 day live-aboard the Epica! (Part 1 is the flight and journey to Indonesia)
    Another Video
    Another Video

    Dives and Scuba Diver Experience

    Number of Dives On Trip You will be able to dive up to 28 times in total on the Epica liveaboard diving trips. The number of times you dive will depend on the itinerary you select.
    Your Diver Certification Level If you choose the Epica liveaboard for your scuba diving trip to Indonesia (, null_select, Raja Ampat), make sure you select the right itinerary for your diver certification level. Different itineraries include the following alternative PADI certification levels (or equivalent): No Scuba Diving Certification Needed: NO; Open Water Diver: YES; Advanced Open Water Diver: YES.
    Your Logged Dives When choosing the Epica liveaboard for your dive trip to Indonesia, make sure you select the right itinerary for how many logged dives you've done. Itineraries on the Epica liveaboard include the following alternatives: No minimum logged dives: NO; 10 logged dives: NO; 20 logged dives: YES; 30 logged dives: NO; 40 logged dives: NO; 50 logged dives or more: NO; Minimum 60 logged dives: NO; Minimum 80 logged dives: NO; Minimum 100 logged dives: NO.
    Your Diver experience If you choose the Epica liveaboard for your dive trip to Indonesia, make sure you select the right itinerary for your level of diver experience. Itineraries on the Epica liveaboard include the following alternatives: Beginner/Novice (up to 9 logged dives): NO; Advanced Beginner (10-19 dives): NO; Intermediate Diver (20 to 29 logged dives): YES; Advanced Intermediate (30 to 39 logged dives): NO; Proficient Diver (40 to 49 logged dives): NO; Advanced Diver (more than 50 logged dives): NO.
    Type of Diving The type of diving experienced from the Epica Liveaboard includes: Coral Gardens, Deep Dives, Drift Diving, Marine Life, Night Dives, Pinnacles, Swim-Through's and Caverns, Wall Diving, Warm Water Diving, Wreck Diving.
    Underwater Scooters Onboard Underwater scooters onboard: NO.

    Marine Life Reviewed

    Marine Life Species The sea life you might see on your Indonesia liveaboard dive trip depends on the time of year you choose to dive, and on which Indonesia liveaboard and liveaboard itinerary you book. But ultimately the sea creatures you see when scuba diving is always down to nature itself. With these parameters in mind, the marine life you may spot when scuba diving on the Epica Liveaboard in Indonesia might include:
    Sharks You may see the following sharks species: Blacktip Reef Sharks, Bull Sharks, Epaulette Shark, Grey Reef Sharks, Leopard Shark, Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, Short Fin Mako Sharks, Silky Sharks, Silver Tip Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Whale Sharks, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Wobbegong Shark, Zebra Shark.
    Ray Species You may see the following rays species: Blue Spotted Stingrays, Manta Rays, Mobula Rays, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Marble Rays.
    Fish Species You may also see the following fish species: Batfish, Clownfish (Anemonefish), Crocodile Fish, Frogfish, Flounder, Garden Eels, Giant (Great) Barracuda, Giant Trevallies, Glassfish, Groupers, Humphead Parrotfish, Jack Schools, Lionfish, Longfinned Banner Fish, Mandarin Fish, Maori Wrasse, Moray Eels, Napoleon Wrasse, Parrot Fish, Pigmy Seahorses, Pipefish, Porcupine Fish, Potato Cod, Reef Fish, Sea Horses, Scorpion Fish, Sun Fish (Mola Mola), Surgeonfish, Trigger Fish, White Eyed Moray Eels.
    Other Marine Life & Bird Species You may see the following marine and bird life: Banded Sea Snakes, Barrel Sponges, Crabs, Crocodiles, Cuttlefish, Giant Clam, Hard Corals, Harlequin Shrimp, Jellyfish, Lobsters, Mantis Shrimp, Mimic Octopus, Nudibranchs, Octopus, Sea Snakes, Soft Corals, Squid, Starfish, Turtles, Wonderpus.
    Marine Mammal Species You might encounter the following mammals: Blue Whales, Bryde's Whales, Dolphins, Dugongs, Melon-Headed Whales, Orca (Killer Whales), Pygmy Blue Whales, Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales.
    Marine Life Video
    Video Title This is Raja Ampat (4k) - dive into the dream of biodiversity - Breathtaking dives in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Kri Island, Indonesian coral reefs. As part of Coral Triangle Raja Ampat in West Papua has the highest biodiversity and the most colourful reefs
    Another Marine Life Video
    Video Title RAJA AMPAT DIVING | Best of West Papua, Indonesia 4k
    Another Marine Life Video
    Video title

    Liveaboard Cost and Booking

    Included In The Price The price of booking the Epica liveaboard includes: Cabin Towels, Diving Package, Drinking Water, Fuel Surcharge, Full-Board Meal Plan (All meals), Land Excursions, Port Fees, Snacks, Tea & Coffee.
    Paid For Optional Extras The following are optional extras when you book the Epica liveaboard: Airport Transfer, Alcoholic Beverages, Gratuities, Hotel Transfer, Local Flights, Private Dive Guide, Rental Gear, Scuba Diving Courses, Snorkeling Guide, Soft Drinks.
    Paid For Required Extras The following are required extras when you book the Epica liveaboard: National Park Fees, Visas and Fees.

    Boat Capacity

    Boat Length 24 metres (79 feet).
    Maximum Guests 12
    Cabins and Bathrooms The Epica dive boat has 6 cabins and 2 bathrooms.
    Cabin Types The Epica has the following cabin types: twin cabins.
    Family cabins onboard Family cabins onboard: NO.

    Advanced Divers

    Advanced Diver Benefits (Max 3) The Epica liveaboard has 0 out of 3 (i.e. 0%) 'Advanced Diver Benefits', which include: Rebreather Support: NO; Sidemount Diving NO; Tech Diving: NO.

    Underwater Photographers

    Underwater Photographer Benefits (Max 3) The Epica liveaboard has 0 out of 3 (i.e. 0%) 'Underwater Photographer Benefits', which include: Camera Room: NO; Camera Station: NO; Separate Rinse For U/W Cameras: NO.

    Non-Diver Activities

    Non-Diving Activities (Max 17) The Epica liveaboard has 2 out of 17 (i.e. 12%) 'Non-Diving Activities', which include: Fishing: NO; Glass Bottom Boat: NO; Jacuzzi/Hot Tub: NO; Jet Skiing: NO; Kayaks: NO; Land Excursions: YES; Massage: NO; Naturalist Itineraries: [naturalist_Itineraries]; Naturalist Guide: NO; Non-Diver (Snorkeler) Friendly: YES, Sauna: NO; Snorkel Equipment: NO; Spa: NO; Stand Up Paddle Boards: NO; Wakeboarding: NO; Water Skiing: NO; Yoga: NO.
    Onboard Entertainment (Max 2) The Epica liveaboard has 0 out of 2 (i.e. 0%) 'Entertainment Features': Audio And Entertainment: NO; Library: NO.

    Traveller Benefits

    Travel Benefits (Max 6) The Epica liveaboard has 4 out of 6 (i.e. 67%) 'Traveller Benefits', which include: Airport Transfer: YES; Available For Charter: YES, Budget Friendly: NO, Dedicated Local & International Crew: YES; Hotel Transfer: YES; Welcome Cocktails; NO.
    Languages Spoken Onboard The crew onboard the Epica liveaboard are able to speak the following languages: English, Indonesian.

    Liveaboard Summary

    Conclusion The Epica Raja Ampat liveaboard has a customer review rating of 9.3, is rated 'Superb'. This Indonesia liveaboard is a 24 metre (79 feet) dive boat for up to 12 guests across 6 cabins (inc. twin cabins), and has 2 bathrooms. The Epica Liveaboard has available for charter, caters for dietary requirements, extra flexible booking, flexible booking, diving courses, scuba gear rental. To book: Epica Liveaboard prices start at £166 per day ($203/€189)*.
    More Information To discover more about the Epica diving liveaboard or to check availability for your dive trip to Indonesia you can do this here: Epica. But if you want to compare this Indonesia liveaboard with one of the other liveaboards from Indonesia, please take a look at the table below. If you are only interested in Indonesia liveaboards, select "Country" from the list of searchable options from first dropdown menu and type "Indonesia" in the search box:
    Searchable Liveaboard Countries Countries you can search for liveaboards include: Antarctica, Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Fiji, Galapagos, Honduras, Indonesia, Maldives, Mexico, Micronesia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Polynesia, Portugal, Red Sea, Similan Islands, Solomon Islands, St. Maaten, Thailand, Turks and Caicos, Virgin Islands (If you want to search a country other than "Indonesia", simply copy and past the country name from this list instead).
    Choose Another Liveaboard
    Total Records Found: 332, showing 7 per page
    LiveaboardCountryDiscover LiveaboardCustomer Rating
    Adishree Indonesia Review: Adishree; Book: Adishree 0
    Akomo Isseki Indonesia Review: Akomo Isseki; Book: Akomo Isseki 9.3
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    * Note The above cost per day was correct at the time of producing this article. Also, the exchange rate used for GBP to USD is 1.22 and for GBP to Euro is 1.14. For an up-to-date cost for the Epica Liveaboard, please visit this link: Epica.

    Hope you enjoyed this review about this liveaboard

    Comments or Questions If you have more questions either about snorkelling or scuba diving (or specifically about the Epica Indonesia Liveaboard), please comment below with your questions.
    Please Share Please share details about the experience you had on the Epica Liveaboard. Tell us about the dive sites you dived, the time of year of your trip, what marine life you saw, the visibility, the weather and any currents you experienced. Your comments will add to this Epica Liveaboard review, and they will help other scuba divers decide if this is the right Indonesia liveaboard for them.
    Have Fun & Be Safe There will also be many more pages and articles about scuba diving and scuba diving safety tips (and on snorkelling too) for you to read and learn about this fabulous sport. Please don't forget to rate the Epica liveaboard above if you've already dived in Indonesia from this dive boat, but also make sure you have fun and be safe.
    Epica Indonesia Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving Review

    Article written by Russell Bowyer who has been a scuba diver since diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in 1989. After his first dive he trained as a BSAC diver in the UK. He attained his Diver Leader certification with BSAC. He then went on to become a scuba diving instructor, teaching others how to dive and was voted as Diving Officer and Treasurer for the Saffron Walden BSAC club too. Russell has dived all over the world, including the UK, on liveaboards in the Red Sea, the Caribbean, South Africa and the USA. Russell is experienced in all dive types, including drift diving, deep dives that involved decompression stops and recreational dives too.

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