3 day liveaboard options to Komodo Indonesia

If the time you have for a Komodo liveaboard trip is limited. If you only have 3 days and 2 nights to spare to explore or dive dive Komodo, then this article has the 8 liveaboards that offer 3 day 2 night liveaboard trips. However, only one of these Komodo liveaboards offers 3 day trips with scuba diving. The rest of them offer short trips for Komodo Island exploration instead.

Book a 3 day liveaboard Komodo - 8 Komodo liveaboards for 2 nights
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If you're looking to book a 3 day 2 night liveaboard to Komodo, there are 8 liveaboards to choose from. There's just one liveaboard that offers 3 days for scuba diving Komodo. There are 7 boats that offer 3 day Komodo Island exploration trips for non-divers.

3 days 2 nights Komodo liveaboards offering scuba diving

Shenron liveaboard offers 3 day dive trips to Komodo Indonesia
Shenron liveaboard offers 3 day dive trips to Komodo Indonesia - Image courtesy of Liveaboard.com

There 's just one Komodo liveaboards that offers 3 day 2 night liveaboard cruises for diving.

The following Komodo dive liveaboard offers 3 day 2 night cruises.

  1. Shenron Liveaboard - No customer ratings yet. The Shenron liveaboard is perfect for solo travelers or those on a budget. This Komodo liveaboard offers dorm-style accommodation for up to 12 guests across 3 cabins. There are 4 shared bathrooms on this 26 metre (85 feet) dive boat. On this short dive trip you can dive up to nine dives in total.

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Komodo liveaboards offering Komodo Island exploration trips for non-divers

Komodo liveaboards offering Komodo Island exploration trips for non-divers

The following Komodo liveaboards don't offer scuba diving, but instead offer naturalist trips to visit the Komodo Islands instead. Come face to face with Komodo Dragons! As with the dive liveaboards listed above, these liveaboard cruises all offer 3 day trips.

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Non-dive trip Komodo liveaboards for Island exploring

  1. The Situju7 liveaboard - No customer ratings yet. The Situju7 is a traditional Indonesian sailing phinisi made of black ironwood. This Komodo liveaboard offers both double and twin-share accommodation for up to 10 guests across 5 cabins. There are 5 en-suite bathrooms on this 32.7 metre (107 feet) liveaboard boat.
  2. Plataran Phinisi Felicia - No customer ratings yet. The Phinisi Felicia by Plataran can accommodate up to 12 overnight guests in four twin cabins and two master cabins. The Phinisi Felicia liveaboard dive boat is a metre (89 feet) dive boat.
  3. Plataran Phinisi Ambasi - No customer ratings yet. The Ambasi Phinisi by Plataran is a 25 metre (82 feet) liveaboard boat offering luxury cruises to Komodo National Park for up to guests. There are a choice of 4 luxury cabins in total. This includes 3 doubles and 1 with a bunk bed for two solo divers to share.
  4. Ayana Lako Di'a liveaboard - Rated 9.2 out of 10 and Superb. The Ayana Lako'dia offers 9 generous size cabins to accommodate up to 18 guests. The Ayana Lako'dia is a large 54 metre (177 feet) dive liveaboard.
  5. Vidi Liveaboard - Rated 9.7 out of 10 and Exceptional. The Vidi offers accommodation for up to 20 guests across 8 cabins. The Vidi Komodo liveaboard is 27 metre (89 feet) in length.
  6. Splendour Cruise Ship - No customer ratings yet. The Splendour liveaboard offers accommodation for up to 8 guests across 3 cabins. The Splendour is a smaller Komodo liveaboard and is 20 metres (66 feet) long. There's a total of 2 bathrooms on board.
  7. Royal Fortuna liveaboard - No customer ratings yet. The Royal Fortuna phinisi is 29 metres (95 feet) long and was designed to access places that larger boats cannot visit. This Indonesia liveaboard caters for just 11 guests across 5 cabins on 2 decks.

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