How do scuba divers decompress

How Deep Can You Dive Without Decompression (No Decompression Stop Limits)

Many beginner scuba divers ask ‘how deep can you dive without decompression.’ As all dives are decompression dives, the answer is: You can’t dive without needing to decompress. A better question that should be asked is ‘how deep can you dive without decompression stops?‘ Decompression stops are affected by how deep you dive and also by how much time you spend at your chosen depth. The deeper and longer your dive, the more chances of needing decompression stops. For shallow dives between 6-10 metres (20-30 feet) you could spend many hours without needing to stop for decompression. But if you dive deeper than 30 metres (100 feet), your time at this depth would be limited to around 20 minutes before a decompression stop is required.

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