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Scuba diving with great whites Gansbaai

If you like scuba diving with sharks, then diving with great white sharks has to be the best.

I’ve visited South Africa a couple of times, once was to fulfill one of my other passions, which is horse riding. The other was to visit and enjoy the Garden Route, the Elephant Ado Park, Table Mountain and other places. But also to dive with great white sharks too.

I did this from Gansbaai, which is east of Cape Town. But I’ll need to go back, as although I saw great whites, I didn’t get into the cage.

It was disappointing, but there was only one around the boat and the skipper didn’t feel it right to put the cage in.

I did however, get to see this great white shark up close and personal. She came right up to the side of the boat.

This great white had to be 5-6 metres as she raised her head out of the water, so that I got to see her dark feeling-less eye.

An awesome creature, but next time I’ll get to see one underwater.

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