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Scuba diving The Brothers in The Red Sea are closed for diving

The Brothers in the Red Sea are closed to diving due to some recent attacks by oceanic whitetips.

I’m sad to see that the Egyptian authorities have closed the Brothers to scuba diving at the moment are a recent spate of attacks by oceanic whitetip sharks on scuba divers in this region.

The closure is for the rest of 2018 and is after one attack in June and three is November this year.

The most serious Attack was on a scuba diver who lost significant tissue from his calf muscle. The other attacks were not too serious.

There’s talk that this is partly due to what the liveaboard dive boats are doing by either baiting the sharks or disguarding food waste over the side. One liveaboard dive boat lost their licence earlier in 2018 when the were caught baiting oceanic whitetips.

Scuba diving is still safe and shark attacks are still extremely low on scuba divers, but this recent move by the Egyptian authorities is quite a bold one, as the Brothers is an extremely popular dive spot in the Red Sea.

It’s a great place to see sharks and and will be disappointing for many scuba divers who have book Red Sea liveaboard trips and expecting to dive the Brothers.

For more on this story from Diver Magazine follow this link:

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow...

Here’s a link to the footage of the scuba diver who lost a large part of his calf muscle:

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow...
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