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Scuba diving cheaply in Bonaire

I was talking about diving today at work. I got talking about how cheap it is to scuba dive in Bonaire. The fellow diver I was talking to has just got married and he and his wife both scuba dive.

As a couple that scuba dive together, Bonaire is the perfect place to go. The scuba diving is great for blue water, warm coral reef diving. Bonaire is probably the cheapest place to go for diving in the Caribbean.

Bonaire is one of the islands that make up the Dutch Antilles and is near to Aruba.

For the best prices it’s better to hire or rent a pickup truck and shore dive all over the island. This way the hire of the scuba tanks is very cheap, and so long as you make a buddy pair, you’re set.

Except for doing an orientation dive with one of the dive shops on Bonaire, you can go out on your own to any of the numerous marked dive sites around the island.

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