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How do you get neutral buoyancy
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Read this post before you post a dive buddy request as a single or solo diver

When you post your buddy request, make sure to include the following information:

1. Where you live. I don't mean to post your home address for obvious reasons, but at least say your town or city.
2. Where you hope to dive. Explain where you're hoping to go diving. Is it locally near to where you live or going on a dive trip overseas?
3. Your gender. Let others know whether you're male or female and your preference for whether you prefer a same-sex buddy or if you're happy for either. Bear in mind if you intend to go on a liveaboard trip that you may end up sharing a cabin.
4. Your age. It's a good idea to match with a dive buddy of similar age so you have similar interests akin to your age group.
5. Your diver certification level and experience. You want to match as far as possible your experience and certification level so you'll be able to dive similar dives together.
6. Diving preferences. Explain the type of diving you like to do, be it warm water diving, wreck diving, technical diving etc.

At some point you'll need to exchange contact details, but be safe and make sure you trust the person you're speaking with on this forum before giving out your address. An email address or phone number is okay to share when you are happy with an exchange or two on here.

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