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Liveaboard vs resort diving which is better?

The question is: Liveaboard or resort diving, which is the best when it comes to a scuba diving holiday?

Well for me that depends. It depends on whether I’m going on holiday with my wife or on my own.

If I’m with my wife, it’s a resort holiday all the way. My wife doesn’t scuba dive and she’s not that good on boats. So I enjoy a few dives on my own, whilst my wife enjoys sun bathing and reading a book. This way it’s a win-win situation.

But if we’re talking about a scuba diving vacation when I’m on my own then there’s no contest, it would be a liveaboard trip every time for me.

Scuba diving from a liveaboard means you get away from the crowd, you get to do way more dives and you can go further and get to the dive sites that simply can’t be reached by the resort day boats.

These are my thoughts on liveaboard vs resort diving, what are yours?

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