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Last minute deals liveaboard Truk Lagoon - February 2020 Truk Master Liveaboard 40% Off

Get it before everyone else does NOW!! Last minute liveaboard deal to Truk Lagoon, with 40% OFF. Truk Master liveaboard rated in reviews 9.1 out of 10!

- 9th February 2020 - Was £2,367 - Now £1,420 inc. 40% saving - Diving Trip Truk Lagoon 7 nights - 8 days 7 nights. Valid to 31 January 2020.

Discounted deals won't hang around for long, so book your place NOW!

The 37m Truk Master delivers year round diving trips to the incredible wrecks of Truk Lagoon. With over 60 wrecks, including supply vessels, planes, trucks and submarines all in close proximity to deep channels and amazing coral reefs, diving the Truk Lagoon is a fantastic experience. With en-suite and air conditioning for up to 16 guests in 8 cabins - Ideal for couples and single or solo divers and travellers.

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Deep wrecks of Truk Lagoon: Truk Lagoon Deep Wrecks (The Chuuk Wrecks For The Tech Divers)

How to get to Truk Lagoon: How to get to Truk Lagoon (Travelling from the UK, the US or Australia)

Review of liveaboard:

"Clean, comfortable, spacious cabin 6. Heian wreck, kinokuniya wreck (I forgot the actual name), eagle rays, sharks. The crew (Elaine) prepared warm drinking water for me before each dive although did not ask for it. She observed that I did not drink the standard cold water and that I would drink warm water in the dining room. Dive guide took good care of me and ensured that I got out of the wrecks safely."

Recommended for: Knowledgeable and friendly cruise director, cabin, celebrating century dives. Tammy L, Singapore.

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