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How do you feel about scuba diving the Red Sea?

I've scuba dived the Red Sea probably more times than anywhere else around the world. Mostly by liveaboard. But with the current problems in countries like Egypt, I'm not too sure about going there.

The last time I visited Egypt was as a family, with my wife (who doesn't dive), and my wife would not go back again. It's not the troubles she is concerned about, but instead it's the hassle you get when you walk down the street.

I remember my wife saying, I just want to go to M & S or walk down a high street in the UK. If the Egyptians had any sense, they'd realise how much they put people off from going. It's a bit like a desperate partner who smothers the other person, only to find they run a mile.

The Egyptian shop and restaurant owners are so pushy, it gets to much and ends up having the opposite effect to what they hope.

It's a shame because it's a great place to scuba dive, but the streets are dirty and I've not yet been to Egypt without getting Faro's Revenge.

I think the only way I could go back to dive the Red Sea is to go on my own, and then I'd choose to go on a liveaboard.

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