Are there great white sharks in the Maldives?

Are there great white sharks in the Maldives large

You may be off to the Maldives and would like to know if whether great White Sharks live there. Let’s take a look…

So are there great white sharks in the Maldives? There are no great white sharks in the Maldives as great whites prefer cooler waters. The waters around the Maldives are 28-30°C (82-86°F) and great white sharks prefer coastal and offshore waters with water temperatures between 12-24°C (54-75 °F) instead. Instead of white sharks you’ll see 27 other shark types.

The above answer may disappoint you if you’re hoping to see great white sharks. But on the other hand it may be a relief if you’re scared of great whites.

But just because there are no great white sharks in the Maldives, doesn’t mean thee are no sharks at all.

What sharks can you see in the Maldives?

What sharks can you see in the Maldives

If there aren’t any great white sharks in the Maldives, what sharks are there?

There are around 27 different shark species identified as living in the Maldives. These include hammerhead sharks, oceanic whitetips, blacktip and whitetip reef sharks, nurse sharks and grey reef sharks.

If you like to scuba dive with sharks as I do, you’ll be pleased to know there are also tiger sharks in the Maldives too.

You’ll often see an abundance of baby reef sharks around the shallow waters in some of the lagoons near your accommodation in the Maldives.

This is particularly at Ayada where the accommodation is over the lagoon. You can even snorkel among them as these baby sharks are totally harmless. They are more likely swim away from you if you get too close.

27 types of sharks in the Maldives

Types of sharks in the Maldives

The following the 27 shark types in the Maldives:

  1. Blacktip reef shark.
  2. Tawny nurse shark.
  3. Grey reef shark.
  4. Tiger shark.
  5. Leopard shark.
  6. Whitetip reef shark.
  7. Nurse shark.
  8. Whale shark.
  9. Oceanic whitetip shark.
  10. Zebra shark.
  11. Silvertip shark.
  12. Lemon shark.
  13. Silky shark.
  14. Bull sharks
  15. Pelagic thresher shark.
  16. Sicklefin lemon shark.
  17. Hammerhead sharks.
  18. Blue shark.
  19. Smalltooth sand tiger shark.
  20. Spot-tail shark.
  21. Kitefin shark.
  22. Sliteye shark.
  23. Bigeye thresher shark.
  24. Bignose shark.
  25. Sharpnose sevengill shark.
  26. Starspotted smooth-hound.
  27. Arabian smooth-hound.

It’s perfectly safe to scuba dive with all of the above shark species. Also, and if you worried, most of the sharks list here are only seen when you go scuba diving away from the resorts.

But even then, you’ll be very lucky to see even half of the above list of sharks on a dive trip to the Maldives.

Is it safe to swim in Maldives?

Which means that even if sharks were dangerous to humans (which they are generally not), you are safe to swim and snorkel in the waters around your resort.

However, whilst sharks don’t pose a risk when you swim in the Maldives, the seas around the Maldives have some strong tidal currents. So be careful as a few foreign nationals drown each year and take advice before you enter the water in the Maldives.

Are there big sharks in the Maldives?

There are big sharks in the Maldives, with the biggest shark of them all the whale shark. There are other big sharks which include blacktip reef sharks, hammerheads, nurse sharks and even the odd large bull shark.

One of the other larger shark you may be lucky to spot when diving is the oceanic whitetip.

Are there dangerous sharks in the Maldives?

Sharks in the Maldives are not considered to be dangerous. All sharks have the potential to be dangerous towards humans, but often this is when the are provoked by being touched or by spear fishing.

But so long as you don’t touch them, you can enjoy the sight of sharks in the Maldives and stay safe.

Are there shark attacks in the Maldives?

There’s no history of any shark attacks in the Maldives. So whilst many of the sharks sharks are dangerous to their prey, when it comes to humans sharks usually swim away.

Hammerheads and reef sharks are the most common sharks in the Maldives, neither of which are aggressive towards humans if they’re not provoked.

This video is possibly the closest you’ll see to a shark attack in the Maldives. By the way it’s not an attack on a human, these sharks are feeding on fish scraps!

Are there bull sharks in the Maldives?

There are definitely bull sharks in the Maldives. If you look at where the Maldives sits in the Indian ocean, it east of the African coast and west of Sri Lanka, bull sharks are seen in both places. It makes sense there would be bull sharks in the Maldives too.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the video below showing a bull shark at Muli Corner Meemu Atol. Bull Sharks have also been spotted at Manta Point but are not regular visitors.

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