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Myanmar Diving Liveaboard (From Phinisi liveaboard to Smiling Seahorse)

Phinisi Myanmar Diving Liveaboard large
Myanmar Phinisi Diving Liveaboard – Image courtesy of

Book a Myanmar diving liveaboard to enjoy one of the following dive liveaboard trips to visit:

  1. Myanmar.
  2. Mergui Archipelago.
  3. Similan Islands.

The best way to dive Myanmar is by a scuba diving liveaboard. You can check the latest and best deals on Myanmar liveaboards using the following window:

The above dive locations have the following characteristics in common:

  • Remote diving.
  • Clear blue water diving where the visibility can reach up to 50 meters (164 feet).
  • Untouched coral reefs.
  • Spectacular marine life.
  • Relatively un-dived divers paradise.
  • Deserted dive sights.
  • Unlikely to see another liveaboard dive boat or any other tourists.
  • Whale sharks, manta rays and Mobula rays.
  • Sharks galore including nine species of shark in Myanmar.
  • Dive sites tend to have strong currents.*
  • Surface conditions can be rough.*
  • Water temperature of 25-28°C (77-82.4°F).

* Diving is recommended for intermediate to advance scuba divers rather than newbie beginner scuba divers.

Video of scuba diving Mergui Archipelago from Thai Sea Liveaboard:

Diving and flying in the Remote Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar
One week in the remote and rarely seen Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar.

Myanmar diving liveaboard comparison chart - Table of the best Myanmar diving liveaboards (Scroll table right for more info.)

Fiji Diving LiveaboardReview Rating
Out of 10
Cost Per Day
(From price)
EnquireFlexible BookingDietary RequirementsNitroxLogged Dives/Min dive certificationInternet
(From price)
Available for CharterSidemount/Rebreather
Diving support
LengthMax Guests/
Family cabinsOther Activities
Bavaria Liveaboard8.7£118/$161/€132EnquireYesVegetarian.
Specific dietary requirements catered.
PaidOW-030FreeYesSidemount Diving28m/92f24/12/12NoNone
Smiling Seahorse liveaboard9.1£104/$142/€117EnquireYesVegetarian.
Specific dietary requirements catered.
PaidAOW-010NoYesRebreather Support.
Sidemount Diving.
Thai Sea Liveaboard9.2£072/$098/€081EnquireYesVegetarian.
Specific dietary requirements catered.
Stand Up Paddleboard.
The Phinisi liveaboard9.0£108/$147/€121EnquireYesSpecific dietary requirements catered.PaidOW-010NoNoRebreather Support34m/112f18/7/7NoNone
The best Myanmar diving liveaboard comparison chart notes:
1. The exchange rate used for GBP to USD 1.36 and GBP to Euro 1.12.
2. The 'Cost per day' column will make it easy to sort these Myanmar liveaboards by cost, but these prices may vary when you visit to book. The prices listed are a cost guide and were correct at the time of compiling this table.
3. Under review rating '0.0' means no rating received at the time of compiling the table.
4. To scroll on desktop select table and use arrow keys. On touch screen including mobile devices scroll the table using the screen.
5. Min dive certification: OW = Open Water Diver. AOW = Advanced Open Water Diver.

You may also wish to read this article about a 3 day 2 night liveaboard trip to the Similan Islands.

Video scuba diving Myanmar reveals manta rays, sharks and plenty of other sea creatures:

Scuba Diving Myanmar 2019 – Mantas, Shark and More!
Scuba Diving Myanmar! (Great Soundtrack) Mergui Archipelago, Burma Banks, Black Rock – Giant Mantas, Octopus, Shark, Eels, Hawksbill Turtle, Fish, Landscape and Curious Cuttlefish Swims into the Camera!

You might like to read about Socorro Island manta ray diving by liveaboard. This is another dive site that’s well known for big animal scuba diving and is also off the beaten track. search Myanmar liveaboards

I hope you enjoyed this article about Myanmar diving liveaboard

I’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your adventures of diving and snorkeling, in the comments below. Please also share your photos. Either from your underwater cameras or videos from your waterproof Gopro’s!

If this article hasn’t answered all of your questions. If you have more questions either about snorkeling or scuba diving (or specifically about Myanmar diving liveaboard), please comment below with your questions.

There will also be many more articles about scuba diving (and snorkeling) for you to read and learn about these fabulous sports.

Have fun and be safe!

Myanmar Diving Liveaboard (From Phinisi liveaboard to Smiling Seahorse)

Article written by Russell Bowyer who has been a scuba diver since diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in 1989. After his first dive he trained as a BSAC diver in the UK. He attained his Diver Leader certification with BSAC. He then went on to become a scuba diving instructor, teaching others how to dive and was voted as Diving Officer and Treasurer for the Saffron Walden BSAC club too. Russell has dived all over the world, including the UK, on liveaboards in the Red Sea, the Caribbean, South Africa and the USA. Russell is experienced in all dive types, including drift diving, deep dives that involved decompression stops and recreational dives too.

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