How Many Logged Dives Do You Need At Least To Dive In Galapagos?

How Many Logged Dives Do You Need At Least To Dive In Galapagos

If you are planning a scuba diving trip to the Galapagos Islands, you may be wondering how many logged dives you need to dive in Galapagos. Scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands is stunning, but challenging. It’s these challenges that make it important to understand how many logged dives do you need at least to dive in Galapagos Islands.

50 logged dives is recommended to scuba dive the Galapagos Islands. Most Galapagos scuba diving liveaboards have a minimum of 50 logged dives and PADI Advanced Open Water certification, as the conditions can be challenging due currents and surges, ocean swells, water temperatures and deep dives.

Can you scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands

Can you scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands?

You can most definitely scuba dive in the Galapagos Islands. In fact one of the most famous dives includes scuba diving with hundreds of schooling hammerheads at Wolf and Darwin Islands. However, you can only dive Wolf and Darwin Islands from a Galapagos Islands scuba diving liveaboard.

Scuba diving the Galapagos Islands is a year-round activity. But it’s generally better to dive in the months of December to May, as the average water temperatures are generally warmer. Also, the schools of hammerheads are larger between December to May.

Be aware that the seas tend to be rougher between June and November, but this is the best time to see whale sharks in the Galapagos Islands. You will also see schooling hammerheads at this time of year, but the numbers will be slightly lower.

So if you love to scuba dive with sharks, the Galapagos Islands should be at the top of your list of shark dive destinations.

How much does it cost to dive in Galapagos?

It costs around £120 ($160/€130) for a two tank dive in the Galapagos Islands. However, I would recommend you dive on a liveaboard rather than a resort base. Galapagos Islands scuba diving liveaboards range from the cheaper Galapagos Aqua Liveaboard starting at £161 per day ($219/€180).

But if you want to spend more on your scuba diving liveaboard it can cost over £536 per day ($729/€601), which is what the Galapagos Sky Liveaboard costs per day. But to see a full list of Galapagos scuba diving liveaboards in a handy table, please take a look at this page about Galapagos scuba diving liveaboards. Included is a handy table of the best time to go and average water and air temperatures.

Scuba diving Galapagos beginners

The best scuba diving in the Galapagos is not for beginners, especially when you consider it’s referred to as the best advanced diving location. It has also been noted in a leading diving magazine as one of the world’s 10 most difficult recreational dive sites.

The diving is often drift diving in currents with underwater surges, some low visibility diving and at times in colder waters. You are far better to build your diving experience from beginner diver and take your Advanced Open Water Diver certification or equivalent beforehand. This way you will be able to enjoy more of the diving the Galapagos Islands are famous for. This includes diving with the schooling hammerheads at Wolf and Darwin Islands.

Also, be prepared to dive in a drysuit to be really comfortable when the sea temperatures are colder. But some scuba divers are happy in a thick wetsuit or a semi-drysuit in water temperatures this low.

Galapagos diving tours on a liveaboard

Galapagos diving tours provides the opportunity to see the following sea creatures:

  • Huge schools of scalloped hammerheads.
  • Galapagos sharks.
  • Large whale sharks.
  • Tiger sharks.
  • Swim with Galapagos sea lions.
  • Swim with penguins.
  • Dive with marine iguanas.
  • Experience sea turtles.

My top pick for a Galapagos scuba diving liveaboard is the Galapagos Aqua Liveaboard. The Galapagos Aqua liveaboard is perfect if you’re looking for the best all-round Galapagos liveaboard. The Galapagos Aqua is perfect as it has a maximum of 16 divers onboard. It also has flexible booking terms; is rated 9.0 out of 10 and has nitrox is on boardPlus dives the best dives around Darwin and Wolf IslandsRead this review of the Aqua here.

But you may also like to find out if there are great white sharks in the Galapagos Islands.

I hope you enjoyed this page about how many logged dives do you need at least to dive in Galapagos

If you have more questions either about snorkelling or scuba diving (or specifically about how many logged dives do you need at least to dive in Galapagos), please comment below with your questions.

Please share your experiences, plus dive sites, resorts and liveaboards you recommend. Share the time of year of your trip together with what you saw, the visibility, currents and dive operator, as this will help others who read this page.

There will also be many more pages and articles about scuba and scuba diving safety tips (and on snorkelling too) for you to read and learn about this fabulous sport.

Have fun and be safe!

How Many Logged Dives Do You Need At Least To Dive In Galapagos?

Article written by Russell Bowyer who has been a scuba diver since diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in 1989. After his first dive he trained as a BSAC diver in the UK. He attained his Diver Leader certification with BSAC. He then went on to become a scuba diving instructor, teaching others how to dive and was voted as Diving Officer and Treasurer for the Saffron Walden BSAC club too. Russell has dived all over the world, including the UK, on liveaboards in the Red Sea, the Caribbean, South Africa and the USA. Russell is experienced in all dive types, including drift diving, deep dives that involved decompression stops and recreational dives too.

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