How To Get To Fakarava French Polynesia (Is Fakarava Worth The Long Trip)

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If you’re thinking about visiting Fakarava, you need to know how to get there

Fakarava is an off the beaten track diving spot and not easy to get to. But is it worth the trip? If you’re thinking about visiting Fakarava, it certainly is worth the trip, especially if you’re a keen diver. This is even more so if you love scuba diving with sharks.

So how to get to Fakarava French Polynesia? The easiest way to get to Fakarava is by air on a flight from Papeete (PPT) airport Tahiti and takes about 70 minutes. Travelling from the US there are direct flights to Papeete from Los Angeles (LAX) taking 8 hours 30 minutes. Travelling from the UK you can take a connecting flight via LAX.

Once you arrive in Fakarava there are two main dive locations. These are the South Pass and the North Pass, which are channels leading into the lagoon in this Atoll.

How to get to Fakarava French Polynesia in more detail

Once you get to the vicinity of either French Polynesia or Tahiti, it’s quite easy to hop on an Air Tahiti flight that will take you to Fakarava.

But depending on where you live, will depend on how easy it is to get to French Polynesia and Tahiti. Tahiti is the best stopping point to get to Fakarava.

Fakarava how to get there from the UK

If your starting point to get to Fakarava is the UK, one of the best routes is to go via LAX Los Angeles on the west coast of America.

You can take a flight from London Heathrow to LAX. This flight takes around 11 hours 10 minutes. There are flights operated by Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, KLM and American Airlines.

Your next leg of the journey is to fly from Los Angeles to Papeete (PPT) airport, which is in Tahiti. This flight takes around 8 hours and 30 minutes and it operated by Air France.

How to get from Tahiti to Fakarava

From Tahiti it’s then a short flight with Air Tahiti, which is one hour 10 minutes to Fakarava airport. This makes the total flying time for the journey from the UK to Fakarava 20 hours and 50 minutes.

This is a long haul trip and one that you may decide to break up. But also, this doesn’t take account of the time spent in each airport either.

One of the best options for this long haul journey would be to lay-over in LA for a day or so. Los Angeles is a fun place to visit.

Plus any time you pass though an American airport, you have to pass through US customs in any event. You may as well use this and enjoy a short stay in American as part of your trip.

An alternative route from the UK to Fakarava

An alternative route to take from the UK to get to Fakarava is to go via San Francisco. In fact the flying time from San Francisco to Tahiti French Polynesa with United is 8 hours 10 minutes. The rest of the journey will be the same once you get to Tahiti.

The flight time from London Heathrow to San Francisco is also slightly shorter in time, taking 11 hours and 5 minutes.

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How to get to Fakarava from the US

Getting to Fakarava from the US will be a bit quicker than it is when travelling from the UK.

But this does then depend on where in the States you live. If you live on the west coast of America, and even better if you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco, all you need do is to fly to Tahiti and then on to Fakarava.

This will be the same 8 hour 30 minute flight from LAX or 8 hours 10 minutes from San Francisco as described above.

But if you live on the east coast of America in somewhere like New York or Boston, then the trip will be a bit longer, as you’ll first need to fly to Los Angeles or San Francisco before continuing on to Tahiti.

Once you arrive in Tahiti or French Polynesia, it’s a matter of a short one hour 10 minute flight from Tahiti to Fakarava on Air Tahiti.

The total flying time from Los Angeles to Fakarava will therefore be 9 hours 40 minutes, without taking account of the time changing flights.

Fakarava how to Fakarava from Canada

If you are traveling from Canada, getting to Fakarava is normally done by also routing though San Francisco. The flying time from say Toronto to San Francisco is five hours.

The rest of the journey will be the same from there as it is described above.

How to get from Rangiroa to Fakarava or visa versa

If you want to get from Rangiroa to Fakarava or from Fakarava to Rangiroa, there is one flight per week between these two atolls. The flight it one house 45 minutes in duration.

However, if you choose to scuba dive Fakarava by liveaboard, then depending on which French Polynesia liveaboard trip you choose, some travel from Fakarava Atoll to Rangiroa Atoll so you can dive both atolls.

When you arrive in Fakarava what’s there to do?

Probably the best thing to do in Fakarava is to scuba dive. This unspoilt part of the world is beautiful. There are plenty of sea life including an almost guaranteed sighting of sharks.

You can also snorkel in Fakarava around the atoll. The waters are warm and the climate is tropical.

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How To Get To Fakarava French Polynesia (Is Fakarava Worth The Long Trip)

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