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What Fish Are Found In Indonesia?

Sunfish - Mola Mola - what fish are found in Indonesia large
An ocean sunfish in Nordsøen Oceanarium, Hirtshals, Denmark. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

If you are thinking about paying a visit to scuba dive Indonesia, you may be wondering what fish are found in Indonesia. I’ve compiled a list of videos of some of the main fish types found in Indonesia, which begins the the sunfish (Mola Mola).

Some of the most popular fish found in Indonesia include sharks, sunfish, manta rays, moray eels, barracuda, clownfish, crocodile fish, frog fish, grouper, humphead parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse, seahorses and pigmy seahorses, porcupine fish, scorpion fish and trigger fish.

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In addition to this list of fish found in Indonesia, you will also discover sharks there too. I have created a similar post to include all the shark species found in Indonesia too, which include grey reef shark, blacktip reef shark and whitetip reef shark, along with the wobbegong shark sightings in Raja Ampat and hammerheads at the Ring of Fire in the Banda Sea.

To find out more about these sharks together with the many other sharks found in the seas when diving in Indonesia, please take a look at this article as well: What Kind Of Sharks Are In Indonesia?

Either before or after reading about fish in Indonesia, you might like to take a look at these Indonesian liveaboards. Alternatively, please take a look at the following table of Indonesia liveaboards:

Table of Liveaboard Diving in Indonesia

This list of Indonesia liveaboards is in descending customer rating order, followed by Scuba Diving Luxury Rating (SDE Lux Rating, see below), so the liveaboards with the highest customer rating and the best SDE lux rating will be at the top of the list. If you want to change the list order, use the “Sort by” dropdown below.

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Total Records Found: 85, showing 10 per page
Discover LiveaboardCustomer RatingSDE Lux Rating %Flexible BookingDive CoursesDietary RequirementsNitroxGear Rental
Review: Mutiara Laut; Book: Mutiara Laut 9.7 85% YES YES YES YES YES
Review: Carpe Diem; Book: Carpe Diem 9.7 69% YES YES YES NO YES
Review: SMY Oceanic; Book: SMY Oceanic 9.6 87% YES YES YES YES YES
Review: MV Gaia Love; Book: MV Gaia Love 9.6 87% NO YES YES YES YES
Review: MSY Tiger Blue; Book: MSY Tiger Blue 9.6 81% YES YES YES NO YES
Review: KLM Mikumba 2; Book: KLM Mikumba 2 9.6 73% YES YES YES NO YES
Review: KLM Sea Safari VII; Book: KLM Sea Safari VII 9.6 62% YES NO YES YES YES
Review: MSY Seahorse Liveaboard; Book: MSY Seahorse Liveaboard 9.5 88% YES YES YES YES YES
Review: Coralia; Book: Coralia 9.5 85% YES YES YES YES YES
Review: MV Solitude Adventurer; Book: MV Solitude Adventurer 9.5 79% YES NO YES YES YES

The Scuba Diving Earth Luxury Rating (SDE Lux Rating) is explained on each liveaboard review when you click the “Discover Liveaboard” link, and is my own Liveaboard Luxury Rating I’ve assigned to all liveaboards. Choosing between liveaboards is helped by customer scores, and if you get stuck choosing between two or three liveaboards, where each one has a high customer score out of 10, you can use the SDE Luxury Rating to help narrow down your choice.

Think about it like using when searching for the best hotel. also use a customer score where each customer rates hotels out of 10. This is similar to the liveaboard customer rating, which is also rated out of 10. But let’s say you only like to stay in hotels rated 8 and above on, but you also want the hotel to have WIFI or parking, or to have a swimming pool etc. The features each hotel has is usually secondary to the score out of 10. search Indonesia-scroll

Types of fish found in Indonesia

I hope you enjoy the video clips I’ve put together about what fish are found in Indonesia.

Sunfish or Mola Mola in Indonesia

Sunfish (7ft) in Bali, Indonesia

Manta rays in Indonesia

When a fish gets compared to the width of a tennis court, you know it’s going to be big, which is true of manta rays. Manta rays can grow to widths of 7-8 metres (23-26 feet), and a tennis court is 8.2 metres )27 feet) wide. But the Guinness World record, records the largest manta ray wingspan ever as 9.1 metres (30 feet), which is in fact wider than a tennis court.
Indonesia: the Secret Lives of Manta Rays • 2017 Great Blue Wild 10/13

Moray Eels in Indonesia
Moray eels in Indonesia during dives in Gili islands

Barracuda in Indonesia

The following video shows a very large school of barracuda.

School of Barracuda, Maratua Island, Indonesia

Batfish in Indonesia
BATFISH 4K – Batfish school at Castle Rock. Komodo National Park, Indonesia.

Clownfish in Indonesia
Clown Fish – Indonesia

Crocodile fish in Indonesia

Crazy Crocodile Fish, Master of Camouflage. Diving in Indonesia

Frogfish in Indonesia

Walking Frogfish in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Garden eels in Indonesia

If you’ve ever wonder what a garden eel looks like when it’s out of its burrow, the following video will answer your question

Garden Eels in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia – full body

Flounder in Indonesia

Flounders in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia (every dive).

Giant trevally in Indonesia

Giant trevally hunting a large school of fusiliers, Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Glassfish in Indonesia

GlassFish in Raja Amapt with La Galigo liveaboard

Grouper in Indonesia

Groupers in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Humphead Parrotfish in Indonesia

Bumphead Parrotfish with Coralia Liveaboard in Indonesia

Parrotfish in Indonesia

Jacks in Indonesia

Jacks and Jerry at Boo Windows with Coralia Liveaboard in Indonesia

Lionfish in Indonesia

Lionfish on Night Dive with Coralia Liveaboard in Indonesia

Longfinned Banner Fish in Indonesia

Simeulue: Exploratory Scuba diving w/ boat Mahtab_ Longfin Banner fish.

Mandarin Fish in Indonesia

Mating Mandarinfish in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Napoleon wrasse (humphead wrasse) in Indonesia

Napoleon Wrasse in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Pigmy Seahorses and seahorses in Indonesia

Indonesia Sea Horse

Pipefish in Indonesia – in this case a ghost pipefish

The Ghost pipefish (Solenostomus) of North Sulawei – Indonesia

Porcupine Fish in Indonesia

playful porcupine fish – Nov 30, 2016 Komodo Island, Indonesia

Potato Cod in Indonesia

grouper fish potato cod at Bali – USAT Liberty – diving – meinTauchplatz

Scorpion Fish in Indonesia – eats and octopus

Scorpion Fish Eats Octopus Alive: Indonesia Nature 2017

Surgeonfish in Indonesia

Surgeon Fish with Coralia Liveaboard in Indonesia

Trigger Fish in Indonesia

Indonesia Triton Bay Triggerfish 2018

Waspfish in Indonesia

Waspfish, Ablabys sp., Indonesia 2019

White Eyed Moray Eels in Indonesia
White Eyed Moray Eels – A pair of cute White Eyed Moray Eels that I captured while diving in Indonesia

I hope you enjoyed this page about what fish are found in Indonesia

If you have more questions either about snorkelling or scuba diving (or specifically about what fish are found in Indonesia), please comment below with your questions.

Please share your experiences, plus dive sites, resorts and liveaboards you recommend. Share the time of year of your trip together with what you saw, the visibility, currents and dive operator, as this will help others who read this page.

There will also be many more pages and articles about scuba and scuba diving safety tips (and on snorkelling too) for you to read and learn about this fabulous sport.

Have fun and be safe!

What Fish Are Found In Indonesia?

Article written by Russell Bowyer who has been a scuba diver since diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in 1989. After his first dive he trained as a BSAC diver in the UK. He attained his Diver Leader certification with BSAC. He then went on to become a scuba diving instructor, teaching others how to dive and was voted as Diving Officer and Treasurer for the Saffron Walden BSAC club too. Russell has dived all over the world, including the UK, on liveaboards in the Red Sea, the Caribbean, South Africa and the USA. Russell is experienced in all dive types, including drift diving, deep dives that involved decompression stops and recreational dives too.

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