Scuba diving safety rules

27 Rules For Safe Scuba Diving (Safety Tips To Become a Better Diver)

For those that don’t have the time to read this whole article on on scuba diving safety rules (although I urge you to do so), here are a few of my tops tips and rules. Get certified and aim to make it a safe sport. Never hold your breath when you’re diving. Practice safe ascents. Always do a 6 metre (20 feet) safety stop (Even if it’s not required). Plan your dive and dive the plan. Always leave 24 hours between your last dive and flying. Know your limitations. Always have an alternative air source and if in trouble don’t ask to use your buddy’s spare air source, just take it (but always agree this approach in in your buddy check). Use the ABC buddy check method. Never stray too far from your buddy and keep them within eyesight at all times.

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