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What prevails about choosing a diving center?

What do you look for when deciding on a Diving Centre? This question is generally about what really convinces you to make a choice? Is this an instructor experience or something else?

Hi - this partly depends on what you're going to do at the diving centre and how many dive centres there are to choose from! What I mean by that is whether you're there to simply dive or to get scuba certified or get additional training.

But having said that, as far as I'm concerned the instructor or dive guide is very important. I'd say the following are important things to consider when deciding on a dive centre:

  1. The first is always high on my priorities, which is safety and safe diving practices.
  2. The second is making sure the dive guide knows the good dive sites - this soon becomes apparent when you speak to them. But if there's a particular dive site or type of dive you want to do, speak to the instructor and see what they say. If they don't seem willing to do your type of diving, speak to one of the other dive centres.
  3. The third is whether or not the instructor/guide is going to be fun to dive with. After all diving is supposed to be fun!
  4. Does the dive centre have a dive boat and what type of diving is on offer? If they don't and you're happy with shore dives, then no problem. But if you want to visit a wreck off the coast and they don't have a dive boat, choose another dive centre.
  5. Location of the dive centre in relation to where you're staying.
  6. Will the dive centre pick you up from your hotel if you're on holiday for example.
  7. Finally, cost plays a part in this decision - does the centre have any dive packages, for example for multiple dives and what's included in the cost.

If you're going to the dive centre to get scuba certified or to add to your certifications, then the first in the above list is key. Take references if you can and look online for feedback and reviews.

I hope this helps and thank you for the question.


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My husband and I run a diving centre in Cyprus → Pissouri Bay Divers.

What do you think about the standard of diving centres in Cyprus How does Cyprus compare to other locations?
Can you comment on this?

Hello - I took my daughter to get scuba certified in Cyprus. I chose Cypress because I like the place and it's warmer than UK waters. Plus it's not too far to fly.

I chose the dive centre around the dive instructor who was the owner of the business too. I chose him because he was a BSAC diver like myself but running a PADI dive centre.

I chose him because I felt comfortable when speaking with him on the phone and he knew his stuff. Bearing in mind he was going to be looking after my young daughter underwater, who at the time was 12 I think.

The great thing about him was he let me dive with my daughter on all her training dives and subsequent dives after that. This was a special treat for me.

So this is my only experience with Cypress dive centres and scuba diving in Cypress. I've not been back since to be fair.

The diving itself in the Mediterranean is ok, but it's not the best for sea life for me. I prefer for myself the Caribbean and more exotic places around the world with coral reefs, sharks, turtles etc. But having said that I'd never turn up the chance to dive anywhere, for example in May 2020 I'm going to Malta and will be diving with a Scuba Diving Earth blog reader who submitted his story about discovering a plane wreck that went down in World War II.

I hope this helps.

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow...
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