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Three tiger sharks caught and shot dead after attacks off Australia's Whitsunday Islands

I think it's disgraceful that three tiger sharks have been shot dead after it was reported that two people were mauled earlier this week. The sharks were caught on drum lines in the Whitsunday Islands.

The attacks took place off Australians north Queensland coast. The attacks took place in Queensland's Whitsundays in Cid Harbour, so it's advisable not to swim in this area.

It's not even certain whether the sharks that were shot dead were to blame for the attacks! Which makes this whole thing so terribly wrong.

The three tigers sharks that were shot dead may not even be the right species of shark responsible for the attacks, according to Jeff Krause who is manager of the Queensland Fisheries.

The Queensland Government believes that human life must come first. I would perhaps agree if the sharks had jumped out of the water and had begun to walk along the streets and began killing people or tourists.

But the tourists that were attacked were swimming in the sea!

I think this is horrendous. People have to realise that if they venture into the shark's territory, it's them that are taking the risk.

If you swim in the sea, it's you that is entering the home of the shark. Always remember that the waters around Australia are teeming with sharks of all types and sizes. Surfers take this risk each day when they venture into the water. Swimmers and bathers take a risk too. Scuba divers less so, as sharks tend not to attack scuba divers.

It would be a bit like walking out into lion territory in Africa and then getting attacked by a lion, but then blaming the lion. This would be totally wrong to shoot the lion in these circumstances. The lion is only behaving how it's naturally born to do. You are in the lion's territory, so you should take the consequences.

I feel for the two people who got mauled, don't get me wrong. Fortunately, both tourists have survived the attack . This must be devastating for them and their families. But for the Australian Government to go out and shoot these sharks is completely wrong.

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