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Swimming with whale sharks

On one of my many trips to Australia, I was fortunate to swim with whale sharks on the Ningaloo Reef.

The Ningaloo Reef is on the west coast of Australia in Western Australia.

It’s off a very remote part of Australia, but its an amazing place to both scuba dive and to snorkel too.

I went out on an organised trip to see whale sharks, where they use a spotter plane to find the sharks.

They pretty much guarantee seeing them and that’s what we did. The great thing about this region of Australia is that not too many people know about it or visit.

Which means you’re not surrounded by loads of other whale shark spotting boats. This also means you’re not over crowded in the water with other whale shark enthusiasts either.

When you see one it’s great! They are enormous and such majestic creatures, as they swim slowly towards you. They continue past you without much care about you being there. As you watch their spotted flanks swim past almost unending.

I highly recommend to swim or dive with whale sharks, but I also recommend the Ningaloo Reef too.

The best option is to fly to Perth and then fly to Exmouth.

If you don’t fancy flying all the way to Australia, but want to swim or dive with whale sharks, then I recommend you take a look at this post here, which looks at the best places to swim with whale sharks around the world:

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