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Scuba diving with sharks in Antigua

One of my favourite places in the Caribbean to scuba dive is Antigua.

In fact my wife and I went there again in September/October last year (2017) where I did some great dives.

What was also great is I met some people who live down the road in Poole. We ended up diving together and spending time on the holiday and have kept in touch at home since.

Each time I've dived in Antigua, I've always seen sharks on the dives. This last trip didn't disappoint either. In fact we had a shark get very interested in us when we'd speared some Lionfish (for those that don't know, lionfish are a real problem in the Caribbean - see this article:

My colleague even fed one from the end of his spear, as it came in very close.

But if you fancy a trip to the Caribbean, but also want to experience shark diving, I recommend Antigua.

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