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Scuba diving with seahorses in Barbados

Not only is Barbados our favourite Caribbean island to visit, but when we go there I also get to scuba dive too.

Whilst I love to see the big stuff like sharks and turtles, I still enjoy the little critters too, like seahorses.

There’s a fabulous dive in Barbados where if you like to see seahorses, you are almost guaranteed to see them.

This is in the Cement Works dive, which is only around 10 metres at most, so an easy dive for all to enjoy. My best dive yet at the Cement Works I saw over 30 seahorses.

Here’s an article on seahorses I wrote:

The only downside for me about scuba diving in Barbados is there are generally no sharks seen there.

I don’t know why that is the case, because most of the other islands in the Caribbean seem to have sharks around there coasts.

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