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Scuba diving basic hand signals

The basic scuba diving hand signals that all divers should know.

There are a few basic scuba diving hands signals that all divers should know, which include the following:

1. The up signal - this is signaled with the thumb pointing up. Which is just like the OK thumbs up signal out of water in the U.K.

2. The down signal - this is the opposite of the down signal and is done using the thumps down.

3. The Okay signal - the OK signal is done by making and ‘O’ with your index finger and thumb, with the other three fingers pointing up. It’s always worth remembering that the OK signal is both a question and an answer. If someone gives you the OK, this is a question, whereby you should reply. This is the same in return if you were to be the first to ask a fellow diver if they are OK.

4. Not Okay - this is done by putting your hand out flat and rocking it for side to side. If it’s you giving the not OK signal, try to elaborate your reason, if possible.

These are the scuba diving basic hand signals, but do you have a favourite signal you always use?

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