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Scuba diver is attacked by crocodile in Cuba

Australia scuba diver is attacked by a crocodile in Cuba!

Melissa Marquez, who is a marine biologist, was night diving at the time in Cuba when she felt the jaws of a three metre croc clamp down on her leg.

The crocodile let her go in the end and she was ok, but it must have been a scary experience.

Melissa studies sharks and knew that the bite was not a shark. She found herself being dragged backwards through the water.

I must admit I thought the dives with crocodiles in Cuba seemed ok until I read this. I was even surprised the croc ‘attacked’ at night too. I didn’t realise crocodiles were nocturnal predators like sharks are.

For more about this story, please take a look at this link:

If you’re interested in scuba diving in Cuba, which is probably one of the only places in the world to see both crocodiles and sharks on the same dive, click this link:

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