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How do you get neutral buoyancy
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New guy to the forum

Hi, new guy to the forum.  I'm PADI AOW, and have been diving since 1990.  In real life, I'm a professional pit orchestra conductor / musical director for musical theatre.  Equipment - the only thing "unusual" that me and buddy use is the full face mask w/ultrasound ppt (push-to-talk) comm gear.  Love the "no fog" mask, and unlike reports, I usually will last 1.5 hrs at 15m with the full face unit.  Not a technical type, I dive purely for fun.  Drop me a note at your convenience!



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Hi Rick,

Welcome and good to have you on board.

Ive never dived with a full face mask like that. There’s a part of me that thinks it would be great to be able to speak to my buddy underwater, but then there’s another part of me saying I love diving for the quiet. All I hear is my own bubbles.

I’m a biker too and have been tempted with a helmet that has comms in it too, but in a way it’s similar.

I’d give it a go for sure.

I did my very first dive in 1990 too, which was on the Great Barrier Reef of all places, and like you I’m not the technical type of scuba diver.

I don’t dive as much as I used to, but love it when I do, which tends to be in warm blue waters of the Caribbean like Barbados and Antigua!

What about you, where do you tend to do most of your diving?

By the way, where do you conduct, that sounds like an interesting job?

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