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im pretty sure my Poseidon scuba mask has developed a leak but before i but a new one whats the best way to find out where its leaking from besides the normal stuff wearing underwater.and mask clearing wich hasnt helped.

lisa grundy

Hello Lisa,

Firstly, welcome aboard the scuba divers forum!!

When you say you're pretty sure your mask has developed a leak, I assume you've found this out when you are underwater? I'm sorry I don't quite understand when you say about taking it underwater.

Is the water coming in from around the silicone skirt perhaps, which could mean it's damaged and old. Have you checked the skirt by holding your mask to your face and inhaling through your nose? If there's a good seal (i.e. the skirt isn't damaged), your mask should stay on your face without falling off without the straps holding it in place.

However, having said that, if there is a leak, air will get into the mask anyway.

I suggest you perform this test and let me know.

Cheers, Russell

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